Apple Event
September 11, 2015

Key Takeaways from the September 2015 Apple Event

Written By Rebecca Larkin

By now you will have heard all about Apple’s new goodies that were revealed at the Apple event on Wednesday. Almost 48 hours has passed since the exciting event, and while the dust settles, it’s time to really review Apple’s new releases, what they’ll do for consumers, and what they’ll mean for developers.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Possibly the worst kept secret, and the most predictable reveal of the night was the addition of two new iPhones. The iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus. As with its predecessor the iPhone 5, Apple opted to make two versions of the smartphone with updates to both the specs and size.

When will it be released?
You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the latest iPhone, as pre-orders will be open tomorrow (September 12th) for a September 25th release.

Whats new?
Well, what isn’t new? Apart from the style and shape of the phone, Apple have made a lot of changes.

The iPhone 6S will have a screen size of 4.7″ with its phablet counterpart the 6S Plus boasting a screen size of 5.5″. Both phones have scratch resistant screens, and come with the new “3D Touch” feature – a mix of Force Touch from the Apple Watch and Multi-Touch – which registers how hard the user is pressing on the screen.

As expected, both phones sport A9 processors, which will supercharge the iPhone’s performance in preparation for the iOS 9 launch on September 16th, the added processing power is a welcome addition.

The new phone will also have a 12 megapixel camera, a 5 megapixel front facing camera, HD face time and 4K video.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have also had a little makeover and will both be available in a new Rose Gold colour, which doesn’t really come as a surprise.

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Now, we all expected a new iPad, but not one so LARGE! The latest iteration of Apple’s flagship tablet is the latest in Apple’s groundbreaking innovations, and strangely reminiscent of the Microsoft Surface Pro (wait a minute).

One addition that did stick out was the Pencil, a $99 stylus, designed to turn the iPad Pro into something similar to a Wacom tablet, we’ll have to wait and see whether the pencil is a success.

When will it be released?
The iPad Pro will hit the shelves sometime in November, and it’s thought the Apple Pencil will be released along with it.

Whats new?
The iPad Pro will have the most impressive display of any Apple product with its 5.6 million pixels on a 12.9″ screen, it will really be a pleasure to look at.

The Pro will also live up to its name in other ways, with a 10 hour battery life and A9X processor it’ll be a powerful machine to work on, there is even a physical keyboard/case to go with it, another earth-shattering invention from Microsoft Apple.

The Apple Pencil has been met with some hilarious, and mixed reviews. The Pencil goes against the wisdom of Steve Jobs but we think it might be for good reason. The iPad Pro will be aimed at professionals, and editors, designers and illustrators will get a level of precision from the Apple Pencil that you simply can’t get from using your finger.

Apple TV

Apple think the future of TV is apps, and the long-awaited 4th generation Apple TV really show their belief.

When will it be released?
The new Apple TV will be realised towards the end of October, and we’re quite excited to see how it’ll turn out.

Whats new?
From the surface Apple TV looks like it’s had a complete overhaul. The new interface has a great new iOS 9 style to it and navigation is easier than ever thanks to the new Siri voice control integration. Siri will be able to take you to a certain channel, search for a specific actor and open apps for you, a handy addition for the ultimate couch potato.

If you’d still like a remote though, that’s covered too, and the new touch remote is a real handy piece of kit, with its Bluetooth 4.0, an IR transmitter, accelerometer and gyroscope, Lightning connector for charging.

Apps will play a massive part in Apple TVs success and they’re hoping to appeal to gamers as much as they appeal to TV lovers. It even looks like they’re hoping to rival Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation to become a real viable living room addition. The new Siri Remote doubles as a game controller for the Apple TV, with the glass touch surface serving as a virtual directional pad, while the fourth-generation set-top box also supports MFi-certified third-party Bluetooth controllers and joysticks, such fun!

WatchOS 2 and some snazzy new straps

Not exactly top news, but exciting none the less, Apple announced the release date of the WatchOS update, and even gave Watch owners some new fashionable straps.

When will it be available?
The WatchOS 2 update will be released on September 16th.

What’s new?
The details of WatchOS 2 have known for quite some time and if you need to catch up you can read out article on WatchOS 2.

The one thing that really came as a surprise for Apple Watch fans was the addition of some new colours, new Hermes straps and the announcement that there’s now 10,000 Apple Watch Apps.

We personally love the Apple Watch, and can’t wait to see the release of WatchOS 2.

The Apple Event was super exciting, and I think we all agree that their new products are great additions to the Apple family. If you’re looking to get yourself an Apple App or Apple Watch App then get in touch with us today.