March 1, 2014

Mobile apps out-perform mobile sites for conversion

Written By Martin Sandhu


Conversions are the holy grail of e-commerce and with more and more people shopping on their mobiles, there is a new platform to watch, m-commerce. Growth in online business has led to more difficult conversations. Increased choice and factors such as delivery time and cost, product availability and user interface playing a much bigger part in the customer journey, retailers are seeing high levels of browsing and basket abandonment. Research from Baymard shows that 68% of consumers will abandon their online shopping carts this year.

It makes the latest conversion rates data from Poq Studio an interesting read. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the key findings from November to December 2013.

· Desktop conversion rates – 2.4%

· Mobile conversion rates – 0.73%

· App conversion rates – 1.8%

Mobile browsing is still lagging behind in some aspects, users frustration that many sites are still not optimised for mobile devices or are poorly optimised at best means users are opting for shopping via an app – giving those retailers who’ve already developed a solid app a great advantage.

What Poq also found was that app users were much more likely to return, apps saw more than 78% returning users vs just 40% for mobile sites. Not only that, but apps share of total mobile revenue is increasing too, the average app share was 35% in December, up from 15% in August.

A well optimized mobile site with a simple purchase journey and easy-to use interface is now necessary for most companies, but for retailers it’s essential. It’s unlikely that a significant number of users are going to find your mobile site via browsing, but directing traffic to a well-optimised site through email marketing and social media for example will help conversion rates.

Clearly the figures show that apps are the most effective option for m-commerce.