blog 1 - A Marketer and a Developer Tell Us About Their First Month At Roller
August 4, 2017

A Marketer and a Developer Tell Us About Their First Month At Roller

Written By Nikki McCaig

Here at Roller we are a mini expanding empire of talent right in the heart of Nottingham. In a current phase of growth and expansion (and a lovely new office) we have been adding some brilliant new members to our team.  Our latest additions Matt Hodges and Nikki McCaig share their experiences after one month in the Roller way of life.

Web Developer Matt Hodges

In my first month, I have worked on two development projects. The first being an ecommerce site for a beauty brand, that is aiming to revolutionise the cosmetics industry. The second, a portal for clinical trials, which connects medical practitioners with patients. What makes working at Roller the most exciting is that I get to build sites and influence projects that have a real impact on the world.

Roller has been known to work extensively in the Digital Healthcare arena and recently built an app for the NHS that helps patients identify a disorder and seek medical help. These sorts of projects are inspiring and also motivating to work on and I am looking forward to more of this kind in the future.

Being my first real full-time job as a new graduate, I had no idea what I was about to embark on when I started at Roller. My life as a young professional has exceeded my expectations positively. I’ve been welcomed into a thriving collaborative environment, and I’m thrilled to be here. To be completely honest, working full-time has been exhausting because regular 7:30am wake ups aren’t normally part of a student’s routine! My solution – either quickly adjust or just get used to sleep deprivation.

All humour aside, my work here has pushed me beyond my comfort zone. For me, working in a place which pushes you to grow is a priority. Roller ticks all those boxes.  

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Marketing Executive Nikki McCaig

The Roller office feels like a modern co-working space straight out of Kinfolk Magazine. As a highly visual person, the environment which surrounds me has an incredible impact on me. The agency has all the tech and tea I might need at my disposal. As a serious coffee and tea addict, there’s nothing more I could ask for than making a cafetiere of locally roasted coffee and getting to work at my spacious desk. The light floods through the huge factory windows as I begin my day. I turn on all devices and it’s go time.

Working here has been like finding a second home. There’s a real community spirit. It’s natural to approach anyone in the team to help you work through an idea, solve an interesting problem or just find out how they spent their weekend.

Roller is a place with a work hard, play hard mentality. This means using our #megalunch group chat on Slack to select the location of our next lunchtime feast. Or setting aside some time after work to head to the Nottingham Climbing centre, where the climbing pros of the team initiate all the newbies into the sport.

I love all the projects I’ve been brought on at Roller like our Relaunch event (keep your eyes peeled). My role consists in collaborating with the whole Marketing team to create every piece of Roller content. As a veteran blogger, I get a real buzz out of writing for our site!

The digital industry moves at an incredibly fast pace, no day is ever the same and the work that I do constantly adapts to the new needs of Roller. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.  

IMG 2862 - A Marketer and a Developer Tell Us About Their First Month At Roller