Roller Marketing Design Development
April 19, 2018

The Cross Section of Marketing, Design and Development

Written By Nikki McCaig

Within every creative agency, there’s a particular set of departments that are fundamental to the running of the company. For Roller, these departments are Marketing, Design and Development.

As we’re a UX/UI design and development agency, our D&D teams are the bread and butter of the company, providing our clients with the highest possible service, creating beautiful end products through a diverse range of skills.

As we’re also a SME, we rely heavily on Marketing to get our name out there. Consistent engagement with potential clients, consumers and business collaborators is key to establishing Roller as a key business within the East Midlands.

But each department within Roller has different needs, processes and purposes. They all require different approaches to client relationships, projects and briefings, and finding the right way to combine all available skills in the office can be tricky. But this is why we genuinely believe Roller is unique. Because our team does work together. Through various shifts, both physically and socially, around the office, our three separate departments have gradually learned to work, respect and enjoy collaborating together.

Marketing – Design – Development

How The Three Departments Intersect

Roller Marketing Design Development

When it comes to creating seamless digital products for our clients, we rely on more than just back end builds and front end amends. Taking the product from it’s very beginnings, every brief will be read through and analysed by Marketing, Design and Development. From Marketing, we utilise their analytical skill, their aptitude for language dissection and their ability to understand a company’s purpose, branding and mission statement in a matter of lines. This helps our designer and developers to get a clear idea of just who their product will be built and created for – enhancing the UX and development processes introduced later on.

The Marketing teams of Roller are also heavily involved in User Research and Consumer Profiling, with their familiarity for audience research featuring heavily in how they identify target users. They collate and condense down every piece of information we can gather from a brief, from behavioural user journeys to brand expectations, and work with their two counterparts from start to finish on all of our projects.

From Design, we focus strongly on their abilities to create beautiful, inspirational and seamless design concepts. Their unique skills in understanding user transitions and micromovements throughout a digital product allow them to guide the developers through the various functions and features of the proposed idea. Our designers use processes so closely adapted for user-first research that it allows them to help demonstrate to both the Marketing and Development Teams how the end product should look and feel.

Design also works uniquely with Marketing in planning and strategizing the content delivery and appearance for Roller itself. Creating assets, gifs, video and images to share across each various social platform and attach to our email marketing strategy, they seamlessly influence each others purpose and drive.

Finally the product arrives at development, the key tool in creating a flawless digital solution. Not only are our developers builders, but they also act as quality assurance testers, solution makers and creative directors of functionality and usability within the company. Their experience in code development and formatting serves both design and marketing in helping them to both create achievable designs and authentic content.

Our developers, in particular, work closely with design to help create the most technically proficient outcomes for products, executing briefs onto effortlessly user friendly platforms and devices. In terms of Marketing, Development work through an educational basis, focusing their resource on helping to feed intelligent and technically-accurate content through into social media, blog posts, copywriting and PR.

Our processes, although unusual, have served us well over the past few months, and we’re more than happy to share our advice on creating a more seamless workflow within your office to anyone looking to change. Three different teams, with different personalities, characteristics and passions, working together to create some truly outstanding work for our clients and the Roller company.

We’re incredibly proud of of united workforce, and we look forward to seeing where their potential takes them next.