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December 22, 2017

A Very Merry Roller Roundup

Written By Nikki McCaig

The year of 2017 has been a year of big change for Roller. Over the course of 12 months, as a company, we’ve been through some exciting and positive changes, said goodbye to some well-loved faces, and changed the way that we work as a team. So as the year is drawing to a close, we’ve put together a Very Merry Roller Roundup to summarise all of our achievements in 2017 and look back on some of our proudest moments as we enter 2018. 

Our Internal Changes

One of the biggest achievements for Roller this year was our monumental office move at the start of the summer. Having worked in the Oldknows Factory for over 5 years now, we were reluctant to leave the beautiful building where Roller was first established, so we upgraded to a bigger and better office to accommodate our bigger and better team! The business has grown enormously as we have taken on new starters, developed an entire marketing department, established a new Roller company ethos and taken on some brilliant new interns from the surrounding universities.

From the very beginning of the year, Roller has grown from a unique and independent start up into a fully fledged design and development agency, with a logistical approach to our clients, our team and our company. Everyone in the team is incredibly proud of how the business has expanded this year, the new clients we’ve taken on and the increased workload we’ve risen to complete.

So here are our outstanding professional achievements from 2017, and our proudest moments yet to date!

roller merry christmas

Our Personal Changes

One of the most important introductions into Roller this year has been fun, fitness and health. With a much stronger focus on personal employee development, we’ve been encouraging gym sessions and healthier eating within the office, as well as providing mental health support services through our in-built human resources department. We’ve also been working hard to create a new atmosphere in the office- one of creativity and fun. Through team building days, work social nights, inclusive marketing projects and creative workshops, Roller has become an office of shared ideas and inspiration. We include as many team members as we can in our creative projects, and build strong relationships across our marketing, development and design teams.

Over 12 months,Roller has also engaged fully with working office culture – hosting pizza fridays, summer Wimbledon events and holding a brilliant Christmas party at the end of the year. Our over-use of office supplies has become one of our favourite running jokes within our teams, and the amount of tea drunk within the working week at Roller is still a wonder to behold, but we’ve enjoyed more laughter and fun in the office this year than ever before.

So here are our proudest, and most shameful, personal achievements within Roller this year!

roller merry round up

What next for Roller?

In 2018, you can expect a lot to come from Roller. Firstly, our winter Trends and Insights project is set to launch in the New Year – an exciting research website, documenting the best of the Christmas Retail Campaigns of 2017, and predicting the future retail trends for the year ahead. Complete with a personalised PDF download, strategic social campaigns and retail insights from 7 different cities, our Trends and Insights project is going to be the start of a fantastic year for Roller.

With the development of our sister brand development agency, Laced, we’re also going to be launching a fully fledged incubator and events programme through the work of our Commercial Director and Owner of Laced, Natalie. Focusing on brand innovation, and the development of fashion and beauty startups in Nottingham, Laced will become a stand alone business within the Oldknows Factory – continuing the great work of Roller and collaborating with some of the most ingenious businesses in the East Midlands. Officially kick-starting in March 2018, this is another exciting date to pop in the diary – so keep your eyes peeled for an invite to our exclusive Laced Launch Party!

New marketing strategies, new development styles, new clients and new projects are all set to follow in 2018, with the business itself set to get bigger and bigger as the year goes on. We’ve got some great opportunities lined up for recruitment, employee benefit programmes, internal progression and external expansion, with more and more exciting project ideas being created every single day.

2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for Roller, but we’re not waiting for the dust to settle. Ready to jump head first into 2018, we’ve got a jam-packed diary and we’re ready to face whatever the year ahead brings.

Happy Christmas from everyone at Roller, and here’s to 2018!