November 6, 2013

Mobile app advertising platforms set to grow

Written By Martin Sandhu

Facebook have made no secret of the fact that it’s “mobile app install ads” have been very successful, with some reporting that return on investment for the mobile app ads far outstrips Facebook’s regular ads.

Put simply, mobile app install ads promote applications within the mobile and app versions of Facebook. The platform is widely used by games developers, tech start-ups and any company whose business revolves around apps. The adverts appear in users newsfeeds and include a link to instantly download the app, recognising the users OS system at the same time. The adverts provide a way for users to find out about apps, which app stores simply don’t and that is very difficult to find any other way.

The format has not only been successful for Facebook, but for app developers too. Already used by 3,800 app advertisers the platform has driven around 25m app downloads. With 49% of Facebook revenue now coming from mobile, it’s easy to see why the platform has been quite so popular.

Perhaps unsurprising then that rumours have sprung up this week suggesting that Twitter is working on a similar format. Although Twitter have yet to comment, sources told Business Insider that “Twitter is testing a new ad product that promotes or recommends mobile apps.”

Twitters mobile audience share is about the same as Facebook’s, at approximately 60%, so judging by success of app advertising, the micro-blogging site could see a serious increase in revenue should they launch this platform.

Both the Facebook advertising format and the proposed Twitter product are fantastic advertising and marketing tools for mobile app developers. Marketing an app, particularly in overcrowded genres is tricky and standing out from the rest is necessary. Promoting apps via mobile devices makes sense and the ability to instantly download makes conversion rates much higher.