January 17, 2014

Mobile app use jumped 115% in 2013

Written By Martin Sandhu

There are few good things about January, it’s cold, there is a seemingly constant battle to hold up New Yeas Resolutions and everyone on Facebook seems to be bragging about being at the gym or how much weight they’ve already lost. But there are always loads of stats about the year just passed to get your teeth into and help predict what will happen this year.

One we particularly enjoyed reading was about the growth in use of mobile apps in 2013. By now we’re used to seeing a regular increase in the games and social categories, but the latest stats from mobile company Flurry found that every single category saw growth last year.

Flurry defines ‘app use’ as a user launching an app and recording a session and of the 400,000 apps it analysed it found some fairly interesting trends. Perhaps unsurprisingly the category that saw most increase includes messaging, social and photo sharing. But as more people use their mobile or tablet in place of a desktop – be it for personal use or in BYOD work environments – utilities and productivity apps saw a 149% jump, year-over year.


The uptake in use of smartphones and the release of a number budget tablets in 2013, made mobile devices much more accessible. This has led to speculation that last year was an exceptional one, in terms of mobile device growth, which isn’t likely to be replicated. The audience is now there so the usage numbers aren’t likely to see such an increase again. In which case, the focus for 2014 will need to be encouraging repeated use of apps and focusing on how to effectively market apps to the increased Audi