March 12, 2014

Local mobile apps – mobile marketing isn’t just for the big kids

Written By Martin Sandhu

oldknows factory

We love our Nottingham roots,  but we want more local businesses to see the advantages of embracing mobile marketing!

As the cliché goes the internet has made the world a much smaller place. It’s given businesses the opportunity to do business worldwide, without ever needing to leave the office; but its scale has put some smaller businesses off. The internet is global, but that doesn’t mean it’s not local too.

Mobile apps are a great opportunity for businesses, large and small, and much like the internet, they shouldn’t be reserved simply for the global brands. Local businesses of all types can reap the benefits of mobile apps in a variety of ways.

Local businesses will already have a captive audience, relationships tend to be more personal and bricks and mortar premises are more popular. This provides a great platform to do some research, find out what customers think about the idea of a mobile apps, what they would use it for and ask them what features they’d like – it’s also perfect to use some of your regular customers as the initial test audience before the app goes mainstream

The possibilities are endless really: independent retailers can create an m-commerce store, or simply a click and reserve option so customers can find out what’s in stock before they leave the house. App users could be offered special offers and promotions via push messages and notified of new stock, changes to opening times and new events too.

Restaurants can similarly promote new menu additions and offers via a mobile app, but they can add table booking into the mix removing the need for customers to pick up the phone and making it much easier for them to book regardless of the time of day. Live updates could also show potential customers how long the wait for a table currently is and offer them an incentive to wait – such as half price drinks.

It can work for a wide range of businesses; we recently developed a mobile application for The Sheffield Solar Farm which shows users how much energy they could generate from installing solar panels and what the financial benefits could be.