October 2, 2017

4 Ways Technology Is Reshaping Healthcare

Written By Pammy Alexander

Roller has witnessed how the digital age is transforming healthcare first-hand. Having worked on an array of projects with clients ranging from the NHS and private firms, we are specialists in this area.

This is not only a national, but also a global phenomenon which is affecting both patients and practitioners. Roller has found itself at the core of this movement towards healthcare digitisation.

  1. Bringing UX to healthcare

Digitisation has overtaken patient records and transformed them into accessible, real-time data which can be accessed on demand at the click of a button. However, the crucial part of such large scale projects is that UX must be executed in a way that is organic and immaculate.

This is important because the system may be used by someone who may be unfamiliar with new technology or a physician who may be pressed for time, and thus needs a fast intuitive interface.

So, taking the user journey in mind means that the system must consider the wide range of users which will interact with the piece of software or the app which is being developed.

Roller’s MD, Martin Sandhu shared on the topic: “The rate at which healthcare is moving towards digital is staggering. Roller has been a key player in merging the offline systems into the online realm. We are pleased to have worked with the NHS, Exco and Happy Vault on projects involving the digitisation and gamification of healthcare. It is definitely an avenue we will continue to explore, especially given the wealth of experience we have in the area.” 

  1. Apps making a difference

Roller built an app for children diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, an incurable illness which prevents them from leading an active lifestyle. The app was designed to encourage them to take their medication and to attend their doctor visits during a study. Utilising the latest psychological research and Roller’s design expertise, we developed a game which tapped into cognitive conditioning to boost levels of motivation. Phase one test users reported increased enthusiasm in engaging with day-to-day activities.


  1. Global impact

The overall global impact of the digitisation of healthcare is shifting the standard of living for communities and patients in less economically developed countries. By providing accurate, fast and accessible patient records, digital healthcare is the foundation for overcoming life threatening diseases, some of which are easily preventable. It also empowers the patients to take health in their own hands through systems which allow them to track symptoms and the progress of a diagnosed illness.

Moreover, the modernisation of healthcare directly benefits NGOs and healthcare providers who can utilise new systems to remind their patients to collect their prescriptions.

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  1. Social Media Influence

As leaders in developing technical solutions for NHS based projects we have seen the importance of using community to support healthcare. Roller built ‘Target My Hives’ which established a social hub for people suffering with the same condition. The ability to build the platform which pulled together a new support network has now changed the mental approach for people who suffer with hives. This is a prime example of a way that social platform inclusion can positively impact digital healthcare.

Healthcare is a broad and dense sector, so there will always be room to implement good UX design and develop functional and intuitive software. Seb, Head Developer at Roller summed it up best: “The challenges are large scale, but we’re just pleased that we can have a positive impact project by project and make a difference”.