April 7, 2014

Mobile has breathed new life into email marketing

Written By Martin Sandhu


The user shift to mobile has brought email marketing to the fore, making it a more important resource in the marketer’s arsenal than ever before.

We’re all guilty of checking our phone the second we wake up, over 55% of Britons check a device upon waking.  One of those routine checks is email; so getting your business name in front of a customer first thing in the morning is an unprecedented opportunity for a brand and one which should not be underestimated.

The difference from our days as PC users is the emotional attachment we have to our phone and the amount of times emails and social networks are checked in a day. Interaction with a traditional PC was much more fractured; those who worked with IT may have had restricted access to personal emails in the office and likely wouldn’t want to sit themselves in front of their home PC or laptop at home. Easy access to a personal, portable device has changed this completely, coupled with ‘push notifications’, emails are read quicker and more frequently.

The trend has obviously brought along some design challenges, much like it has with the web. Emails need to be responsive to the platform they’re being viewed on, if it doesn’t look right it simply won’t be read. The recent Email Marketing Industry Census from Econsultancy found that many SMEs are struggling with this though

  • 22% of those surveyed admitted their mobile email marketing strategy was non-existent
  • 39% admitted it was basic
  • 23% of SMES believe their strategy is moderate
  • 12% quite advanced
  • Just 5% of those surveyed believe their strategy is very advanced