July 10, 2014

How mobile is changing branding and design

Written By Martin Sandhu


Responsive mobile design is becoming integral to our everyday lives and it should for business websites too. Mobile devices are more prevalent than ever before, with most people now owning a smartphone, tablet computer or both.

Here are some ways that smartphones are changing the way that companies brand themselves.

Making Information More Accessible

Part of the challenge for companies is making the information on their sites accessible for people viewing on mobile devices. This could include using less text on a page because it may be hard to read on the go. Or making sure images can be seen clearly, especially on mobile commerce sites where people want to see what they are buying before they make the purchase.

Sites should also be simple to navigate using fingers rather than a mouse, and this involves careful design considerations in order to be effective.

Responsive Design

There has been a large shift to responsive design over recent years in order to cater for the growth of mobile web visitors. Responsive designs fit to any screen size, allowing companies to create just one version of their website that will display correctly on any platform. Many people will simply not look at a website that has not been optimised for mobile devices, so a responsive – or sometimes adaptive – design is often necessary.

Flat Design

Flat design is also becoming popular in response to the grown of the mobile web. Flat design focuses on minimalist design where everything is kept very simple. It involves a clean, modern design with less clutter, and in many cases it improves the user experience.

Growth of Mobile Apps

Apps are another area where mobile has had a big influence. Branded apps are becoming more popular, and although they are not as common as websites, many companies are choosing to launch their own apps as branding tools. In contrast to websites, apps can focus on providing a useful experience, like a tool, or an element of fun, such as a game, in an effort to associate this experience with the brand.

Has Your Company Gone Mobile?

The huge disruption that mobile is causing has forced businesses to react. Whether you improve the design of your website to be more mobile friendly, or you reconsider your branding for the mobile environment, make sure that you don’t get caught out by the rapid rise in mobile ownership and stay ahead of the game.