October 16, 2013

More mobile apps equates to higher expectations

Written By Martin Sandhu


For many, apps are no longer a nice to have or a bit of fun, they’re an essential part of everyday life. They’re used for entertainment, business, education and as a news source and according to Neilsen research 91% of adults now have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7. That alone makes them one of the strongest (if not the strongest) marketing tool out their – the ability to reach and communicate with such a huge audience is a goldmine for marketers and advertisers. It all means apps are now a $27billion industry and they’re reducing the use of mobile web browsers too.

With this increased usage and choice comes much greater expectations. Sluggish performance, freezing and crashing simply won’t be tolerated anymore, consumers want fast, slick and easy-to-use apps, which meet their needs.

SAP recently carried out research using their Social Media Analytics application NetBase. They monitored six months of online conversation to find out just how satisfied people are with mobile apps, what the top complaints are and which categories received most negative sentiment online.

Whilst, unsurprisingly, the most popular apps over the period were social and gaming, these were the categories that received the most negative feedback online. The apps that are used most are the ones that tend to irritate users most too.

Shopping apps are the least talked about and when they are the sentiment tends to be positive – showing that retailers are getting their apps spot on. Similarly news apps have a high percentage of positive sentiment (44%) and are talked about much less than others.

What’s interesting from a targeting perspective is how men and women prioritise what they need from an app. Men are interested in functionality and want an app to properly do the job it’s supposed too. Women want a simple, with an easy-to-use interface gives them what they need as painlessly as possible.

Notable changes in sentiment occur based on a variety of factors – something that businesses should consider when developing an app. The one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work, consumers want apps tailor of their mobile platform, location or even the time of year.

You can see the breakdown of all the information on the SAP website.