May 30, 2014

New USB 3.1 will increase the speed of life?

Written By Martin Sandhu



No, not really, however it will definitely speed up your backups and any other data transfers.

Standard USB is now so widespread that it would be hard to imagine life without it. It would be impossible moving data from cameras or memory sticks or charging portable devices. Over the last few years, the standard has evolved greatly, and soon we can expect the next version.

Of course, we are talking about the new version of the USB 3.1, called SuperSpeed USB +, which according to the specification will be fully compatible with previous versions of the connector. It will also provide approximately double the bandwidth compared to USB 3.0, not to mention the fact that it will be more efficient in terms of power (100 W) , which should greatly accelerate the portable charging batteries.

With the launch of the new version of the connector, the market will also introduce a brand new cable and connector Type- C 3.1, which is intended to replace a full-sized USB and micro USB cables.

Debut USB 3.1 can push out the Thunderbolt 2 standard developed by Intel which provides data transfer rate up to 20 Gbps, which the company trying earnestly promoting for several years. USB is in fact cheaper to produce, it can charge the batteries of mobile devices, and besides, it is much more popular among the same electronics manufacturers, which is great importance.

Meanwhile, Thunderbolt is more expensive, requires appropriate cables, adapters, and other accessories, which significantly increase the cost of the use of this technology. It is not surprising that computer manufacturers turn away from it – so did Acer a few months ago, who resigned from the application of the standard Thunderbolt in favour of USB.

USB 3.1 is expected to be completed be the end of July and should become as standard by the end of the year.