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December 9, 2014

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes Charity Website Redesign

Written By Rebecca Larkin

charity website redesignAt the beginning of November we launched a search to find a Nottingham based charity in need of a website redesign. The process wasn’t as easy as we first anticipated but we are pleased to announce we have chosen a great charity to work with – Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes.

Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes provide life saving services to the NHS. It is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who deliver blood and other urgent medical supplies such as platelets, plasma, samples and medical records between hospitals and blood transfusion banks primarily in Nottinghamshire. The services prevent the NHS having to pay for expensive private taxi’s in the evenings and at weekends when their usual courier service isn’t available.

Roller will be providing Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes with a website redesign completely free of charge, working with members of the charity to to create a site that meets their needs as a growing charity. This will include hosting, the design of a new responsive website that will display smooth across any device, and a HTML email newsletter template to keep stakeholders up-to-date with important information.

Upon finding out Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes had been selected John Devlin, Head of Fundraising and Sponsorship, said “That’s fantastic news – we’re delighted and never expected it. This is a real boost for the team.”

Roller are looking forward to our first meeting with John and the team in January when work will get underway. John has also promised to bring the bikes with him so look out for the photos on Facebook and Instagram in the New Year!

To support Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes follow the link to their donations page.