3 apps - Office App Review: Slack, Free Agent and Buffer
August 31, 2017

Office App Review: Slack, Free Agent and Buffer

Written By Nikki McCaig

As an expanding creative studio within the tech industry, our to-do list is usually pretty long. We have over 30 employees, two offices, an expanding variety of clients and a constantly improving workspace to keep up with, so we rely on our office apps a lot.

So to help us understand our favourite office apps a little better, we’ve reviewed three of the best, and ranked them out of 10, in terms of the features that help us, the aesthetic interface, and the benefits it brings to our work force.

Slack – 9/10

A popular choice for the modern office, Slack is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about apps of 2017, with start ups, small businesses and virtual offices steadily adopting the software into their workspace.

Here at Roller, we use Slack for almost everything – from real-time meetings to collaborative projects to private direct messages. With built in chatbots helping us to remember birthdays, timesheets, activity logs and leaving parties, it has us fully optimised for social schedules as well as professional ones.

Each member of our team has Slack downloaded onto their phone, so no matter where we head off, we’re always in contact and ready to work. This makes working from home, travelling, external meetings and business trips even easier, and gives us the freedom to make our business mobile.


Flexible, easy to access and vital to the day-to-day running of Roller, we review Slack with a hugely positive 9/10.

Free Agent – 8/10

FreeAgent, the time logging app used by offices, freelancers, and organisers all over the country, is our next crucial Roller office app.

Simple yet effective, it has features including a timer to monitor the amount of time spent per task, layered menus for separating client work, calendars to mark up long-term time sheets, and a handy ‘report’ function for condensing down our time slots into a full scale invoice.

A tool used by all of our staff to track and time their task rate, and help them monitor their priorities, it’s great for a busy moving office like ours. With so many different tasks on hand, we use Free Agent as our timekeeper and to do list, to organise our hectic schedules.


With a clear, simple interface packed with so many useful features, we rank FreeAgent with an 8/10. Our only drawbacks are the fact that you have to remember to turn it back on/off again at the end of the day or it can remain running all night. A minor flaw, but still a useful app.

Buffer – 9/10

For the marketing team in our office, this little app is a lifesaver. Buffer, a social media scheduling app, is one of the most popular social media tools available on the market right now, and it’s our most used day-to-day tool.

With so many unique features, it links up our business social media profiles, and helps us replicate the posts we plan to upload. It lets us analyse the response to our posts, share our drafts with colleagues for approval and even reminds us when to upload an Instagram shot.

Buffer is perhaps the most helpful app we have at our disposal as it allows us to plan months ahead with our content, as well as make last minute changes before our posts go live. For any businesses that works with content or social marketing, it’s a handy tool to work with, and really reliable when it comes to scheduling and timings.


Easy to access, even if it does take a little while to adjust to the time format, and great for personal and client social management, it’s a crucial office app for Roller, and so was awarded 9/10 from us.

3 apps - Office App Review: Slack, Free Agent and Buffer