Our Favourite Pointless iPhone Apps
August 21, 2015

Our Favourite Time-Wasting iPhone Apps

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Some apps are fun, some are useful, and some leave you thinking why on earth would anyone download this? Here’s a list of our personal favourite time-wasting iPhone apps, because sometimes you want to fill your phone with rubbish.

Perfect for those days when you feel the need to waste your time, and money, on an utterly pointless app.

Fan Cooler

Fan Cooler

Fan Cooler

Say hello to our number 1 fan. Trust us, this will be the worst 79p you ever spent. With 18 fan faces to choose from, a range of colours to pick for your favourite fan, and a speed slider, this fan is better than a real one! If only it blew air.

If it’s just fan sounds you’re after, then you really are in luck with this app, but if you’re after an actual cooling system, then jog on, because this is without a doubt the most pointless app we’ve found.

Pooductive App


Pooductive AppComing in at number 2 (pun intended) is Pooductive. If the name hasn’t got you intrigued, then nothing will. If you’ve ever felt an overwhelming sense of loneliness on the loo, then this app will be perfect for you.

Connecting you to fellow toilet goers all over the world, Pooductive will allow you to share your epiphanies, philosophies and any other thoughts you have while on the bog.

We dread to think what kind of conversations you’ll get into, but we know curiosity will lead to a lot of people downloading the app! If you don’t feel like being Pooductive, perhaps you could look after your very own Pou.

Goggle Eyes App

Goggle Eyes

Goggle EyesHave you ever wanted a little monkey that won’t stop staring at you? We all have, and that is exactly what this app gives you – an unnerving little monkey who, for 79p, will stare at you for as long as you keep the app open.

His eerie little eyes will get bigger the closer you get to the screen, and they’ll even follow your phone movements. Don’t worry though, if he really starts to creep you out you can poke him in the eyes, but he will get a little bit mad at you.

Virtual Candle

Virtual Candle

Virtual CandleAnd they say romance is dead. Reignite the flame of romance with this Virtual Candle.

There is a candle for every occasion on this app, with different styles to suit birthday parties or romantic meals, and the flame is even motion and touch sensitive.

For those of a nervous disposition, or the fire phobic, this app will be a perfect mood enhancer, because who needs a real candle when there are apps like this about?

Akinator App


AkinatorNow here is a time-wasting app, which is genuinely fun.

The little Genie in this game may in fact be a genius, now I won’t disclose exactly how much time we spent playing on this app, for research purposes, but in all that time he only tripped up once (so we advise you don’t pick Jack Nicholson as your character).

We’ve put Akinator at number 5 because he may in fact not be useless at all, if you’re after a laugh or a bit of procrastination then you will actually enjoy having a play on this.

If after all these you want to look at some useful apps head on over to our projects page, and if you have your own idea for an app drop us an email.