February 27, 2012

New iPhone app by Oxfam brings the past to life

Written By Martin Sandhu

The clever people at Oxfam have come out with a new mobile phone app for the iPhone called Shelflife.

The new iPhone app lets customers find the stories behind the second hand goods sold in store by allowing the users to scan QR Codes located on the tag of the items.

The mobile phone app links stories and pictures provided by the donors about the item scanned by the iPhone app.

Oxfam believe that it will allow them to sell things easier if people can attach a story behind the item. Be giving the second hand goods some meaning it makes them more worthwhile and a customer more likely to purchase.

The system uses QR codes, which have become very popular over the last couple of years. These black and white patterns designed to be read easily by mobile phones.

The current scheme is being piloted at 10 stores throughout the UK and hopefully will make an appearance at the Nottingham store soon. In the meantime download the Oxfam Shelflife app and try it out if you pass an Oxfam in the near future.