March 24, 2014

Pebble has already sold 400,000 of its smart watches

Written By Martin Sandhu

140121.bianca-and-tintinMaybe this is not some cosmic result, but it certainly can be called Pebble success. And it all started with fundraising on Kickstarter.

The data is revealed in a Fortune interview with CEO of Pebble, Eric Migicovsky. Watches with a e-paper screen selling quite well, though against the giants such as Samsung. LG, or Google.

Pebble is still a midget within market of wearable gadgets, but it grows like a weed. On one hand, it affects consumer interest in new products, on the other hand generates a greater competition.

Pebble now employs 75 people. It’s not much, but even three months ago Pebble had 45 employees.

Revenues from the sale of watches closed in 2013 at approximately $60 million (£36 million).

The basic model costs $150 (£91) plus Pebble shipping costs. Also the company has recently offered on exclusive Pebble Steel Metal watches, sold at $249 (£151).

The number of available applications for the Pebble has already exceeded 1,000. This year the company plans to launch a new device code-named Pebble 2. When exactly? We do not know.

Pebble project itself is one of the biggest successes of crowdfunding (social fundraiser to finance a startup). The watch in 2012 received the support of 10.3 million – 100 times more than the amount needed to fund a project.