roller instagram - 3 Ways To Leverage The Power Of Instagram
September 18, 2017

3 Ways To Leverage The Power Of Instagram

Written By Pammy Alexander

Placing a strong emphasis on Instagram is not just another growth hacking gimmick, but rather a legitimate strategy that has earned its place in the world of digital marketing. The platform is a powerful creative space of inspiration, which when used right can yield huge conversions for your business.

Tell your story

If you don’t yet have a community on social, create interactive content which reflects your ethos to draw Instagram’s inspiration-led userbase. Produce posts which reveal the essence of your business and reflect the exciting challenges you have overcome.

The Instagram community connects well with authenticity, hence why posts with lengthy and expressive captions perform better than generic content.

Rather than spamming your followers’ feed with images of your product, why not incorporate images which reveal the inspiration behind your brand, your history and the projects you have worked on.  

Launch, launch, launch

Social selling didn’t originate in 2017, but it has become the primary choice of contemporary companies like Glossier. However, you needn’t be a start up or a young business in order to drum up excitement for your launch.

If you are an established organisation, why not launch a more functional and interactive website? That is the perfect opportunity for an Instagram countdown and engagement with your community.

The instant feedback loop is the real benefit of the Instagram launch. Quality images have never been so valuable, so make sure you have a photography enthusiast in your team. To peek the interest of your community, share behind the scenes images and encourage them to get the product before it sells out.

Create a movement (or join one)

Which cause is your brand most authentically connected to? Whether that is equality, LGBTQ+ rights or environmentalism, establish a link between your brand and the movement. @thisgirlcanuk embodies a cause immediately. Their bio states “ We celebrate the active women who are doing their thing no matter how they look or even how sweaty they get.” which makes users instantly connect to the brand and the movement.

A well developed skill of today’s Gen Z and Millennials is their ability to differentiate between brands with genuine values from those with a tick-the-box mentality. Today’s market is led by bigger causes, so leverage Instagram to promote your brand’s ethics.

The challenge is getting the Instagram formula just right and appreciating that what worked yesterday is not necessarily what is going to work today. The digital world is in constant flux, but the single thing which remains unchanged is that the user is at its centre.