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August 2, 2017

RB5 Talk Wellbeing In The Workplace

Written By Pammy Alexander

Working in the tech industry often means being fully immersed inside a computer screen, complicated coding problem or even a long haul strategy meeting. The digital world never stops, it has no real end point or closed book setting, it’s a continual cycle which we are often involved in. This is why there is a need to pull yourself back into the offline world and ‘digitally detox’.

Sometimes in our busy and fast paced schedules our health and wellbeing starts to take a back seat. At Roller it is something that we challenge ourselves and the industry on, making sure that we don’t let lifestyles suffer. So how do we do this? Our fitness and wellbeing guru Ricky from RB5 gives us our regular fix of all things health, fitness and intrinsic motivation.

Ricky runs a cool and quirky gym from the Oldknows Factory in Nottingham. The gym breaks the confines of the usual machine led yuppy gyms, and instead offers a place of release, taking us back to core fundamental training with high impact and lasting results (bring on the battle ropes and prowler). His team of enthusiastic fitness professionals train some of the Roller employees on a regular basis, whilst also offering general wellbeing advice for those working long days in our office.

Here are some simple and easy tips passed on from Ricky that can possibly give you a different outlook on your usual office life!

TIP #1 Plan your meals


“When you’re busy, food is the last thing on your mind. But when you’re starving, food is the first thing on your mind.”

An easy solution to this problem is meal planning and prepping. Ricky mentioned that it’s nothing groundbreaking or exciting, but it works.

Prepare your salads, your vegetables and your protein source. If you want to simplify that even further, target the single meal that is a problem area.

A handy health hack is to fill a tupperware box with vegetables or crudites. They will provide you with the nourishment you need for laser focus. Especially if you cut out the crisps in exchange for some carrot and hummus.

TIP #2 Adjust your mindset


“Fitness is as much about mentality as it is about nutrition. Everyone should focus on their own wellness mission.”

When we’re motivated by intrinsic goals we maximise our potential to stay on track. By not distracting ourselves with extrinsic goals, we stay connected to our individual progress.

In an age of social media there is an air of comparison. However, Ricky debunked the expectation that we have to be perfect. “Fitness does not have to be your number one priority. Just find something that you enjoy – weights, classes, dancing, walking to work.” Being healthy doesn’t have to mean achieving athlete status.

TIP #3 Consistency is king


Set your timer to go off every 30 minutes. This can serve as a reminder to sit up, stretch your neck or simply get up for a few seconds. The benefits of these simple and practical solutions accumulate over time.

Go beyond what you usually do, but remember to start small and reward yourself for every win. This will enable you to create regular habits that leave you wanting more. This technique ensures long term consistency, which is more valuable than a short term fad.

Our performance at work is directly impacted by what we eat, what we drink, how we think and how we move. Staying healthy requires preparation, adaptability and consistency – we have the skills, it’s just about putting them to an alternative use.

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