Facebook Messenger Bots
July 4, 2016

The Rise of the Messenger Bots

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Bots are quickly becoming the next bit thing in tech, so much so that Facebook are getting in on the action.

With bots unlocking the ability to provide personalised and interactive communication directly to clients, it’s clear to see why they are proving ever popular for a wide range of businesses.

And they’re on their way to Facebook Messenger.

Messenger Bots

What are Bots?

As a concept Chatbots have been around for a while (we still wonder how Cleverbot is doing, and what phrases he’s learnt over the years).

Bots have actually been out and about for a while, but tended to be pre-programmed with very little responses, and although fun, they proved a bit pointless for businesses.

Things have now changed drastically.

On April 12th Facebook launched bots onto their Messenger platform (which has a whopping 900 million users per month).

How They’ll Work

Bots will be useful to any company looking to reach a mobile audience, which makes them a perfect resource to tap into.

Created using a mix of AI and natural language processing, with some human help, the platform will be truly intuitive and reflective of human interaction.

Bots will be able to send much more than just text too, they’ll have the ability to respond with structured messages feature images, links and CTA buttons.

So, you’ll soon be using bots to search for products from a shop, liaise with customer service agents, check flight information and get tailored news digests. All from Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Bots

How They’ll Influence Business Sectors

We’re expecting bots to have a large impact on a vast range of businesses and business sectors, because their uses are so diverse.

While their E-Commerce purposes seem clear, bots will not initially have the ability to perform in app purchases, meaning users will be redirected to the web to make payments.

However, Bots are going to be extremely useful in cutting out the endless searching for products, size checking, and similar items search, making the process as simple as asking ‘do you have white shoes in stock?’.

Businesses from all other areas will get benefits from bots abilities to provide personalised communications direct to the customer or client, in a similar way to talking to a salesman or customer services personnel, in a much more cost effective enviroment.

We expect bots will also have a huge impact on mHealth, giving a new platform for patient/doctor communications, pre-set messages and reminders for those suffering with recurring conditions, or even medication tracking. All from within an app that most users are already on, opening a huge door for mHealth opportunities.

We’re really looking forward to seeing Messenger bots come into action, and we’ll soon be exploring their development options and uses ourselves.

If you’re looking to explore your development options within bots, get in touch with us today