June 1, 2012

Roller launch new iOS iPhone app for Slimming+

Written By Martin Sandhu

We’ve just completed the new app for Slimming+ for iOS.

The new app for Slimming+ has the best tools, training and motivation to help its users reach their lifestyle and fitness goals.

The app personalises diet and fitness programs based on users goals and schedule. The tools within the app make it easy for them to track their calorific intake, workouts, training and personal progress. There is also a social element to the app allowing you to connect to other Slimming+ users for that little extra motivation!

Backed by the Slimming+ website, the app will automatically update users online profile meaning even if they can’t access a computer, all your progress is stored safely and securely.

Completely free, with no additional in-app purchases required, Slimming+ gives you the information and advice you need to get and stay healthy for life.

So why not check it out on iTunes now.