Roller Trends
January 3, 2018

Our Christmas Trends and Insights 2017

Written By Nikki McCaig

This Christmas, the Roller team began a project to find, collate and analyse some of the most impressive and inspirational Christmas retail campaigns of 2017.

Working our way through 7 different cities, we’re taking on Paris, Berlin, Birmingham, New York, Manchester, London and Nottingham as we record the sharpest retail campaigns of the season for Trends and Insights. Approaching these festive campaigns from all angles, we’ve monitored the televised adverts, digital presence, social media campaigns, in store marketing and consumer experiences provided throughout the Christmas season from some of the biggest retailers in the world.

Over the past few months, you might have caught a couple of our favourite Trends and Insights popping up across our social media. We’ve taken Barney the Bear, Penny the Penguin, Stanley the Stag, Olive the Owl, Bertie the Butterfly, Felicity the Fox and Harold the Hare on this Trends research journey with us, sending them into the most magical of stores and high streets from across the globe, as they lead us to finding our Top Ten Christmas Campaigns 2017.

Screen Shot 2017 12 21 at 12.19.33 e1514974507573 - Our Christmas Trends and Insights 2017

What exactly is Trends and Insights?

The final product of our Trends and Insights project will be released in January 2018. A downloadable PDF document, hosted on a specially designed website, Trends and Insights is an insightful informative guide to the Christmas trends of 2017. From our City Favourites to our favourite Beauty, Fashion and Technology brands, we’re comparing every store we’ve visited through December, and shortlisting the best. Discussing the themes, trends and cultural impacts these campaigns are having in their flagship cities, the document contains a detailed report of Christmas 2017, and how retail is interpreting the events of the year.

Described as a Christmas of Two Halves, our document will similarly be available in two halves – to be viewed online, with immersive and interactive content, 360 degree imagery and animated assets, or to be downloaded and saved, for future trend predictions and insightful bedtime reading.

Screen Shot 2017 12 21 at 12.19.43 - Our Christmas Trends and Insights 2017

We wanted to make our Trends and Insights work as much of an experience as the stores we visited, reflecting the most unique and engaging campaigns in how we present our findings. Adopting the latest technology, embedding digital imagery, and symbolising the changing landscape of retail, we wanted to submit our project as the final Christmas present under the tree and the final nod to Christmas 2017 as we welcome 2018 with open arms.

Our team have gained so much experience and insight into the sectors of beauty, retail, advertising and technology through this project, and we’re so excited to see the innovative new campaigns discovered in the Trends and Insights of 2018. Keep reading the Roller blog to find out some behind the scenes secrets about our trip, and to gain the inside scoop on our team’s personal discoveries!

To get in touch with Roller about this year’s Trends and Insights document, or to speak to us about our plans for the year head, email for more information.