December 21, 2015

Roller’s Top 3 Projects of 2015 – Upbeat

Written By Rebecca Larkin

2015 is coming to a close, and we don’t know about you, but we’ve had a great time.

Last week we started the countdown of our top 3 favourite projects of 2015, with E-Sign coming in at number 3 and Buddy coming in at number 2.

Number 1 is a project we have all enjoyed being involved in, and for a very important client to us, and that project is…


An eating disorder/health-management app.

What they wanted

UpbeatThe Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders within Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust recognised the need for a more innovative approach to patient and care and self-management outside of a clinical environment.

With more patients suffering from eating disorders and other long-term and chronic conditions, a new method of care was required, and with this in mind
they approached us to develop a mobile app to meet these needs.

This project was exciting to us from the get-go, and with a prior interest in the mHealth industry, we saw this app having a firm target audience and wide user base.

Upbeat was going to be built natively on both iOS and Android, to ensure optimum performance on both platforms.

What we did

UpbeatWe wanted this app to be something really special in terms of both style and function.

The app itself would need to be as interactive, customisable and visually attractive as possible in order to ensure maximum usage and engagement.

So, we created an app that not only gives patients the tools to autonomously manage their disorder, but also provides a support system where patients can directly message their clinician.

The app is highly customisable with areas such as Goals, Schedule, Distractions and Quotes being personalised and tailored specifically for the user, with users being able to chose widgets for the dashboard.

All information collected from the app is sent and stored within a web portal where the users progress can be reviewed by their personal clinician. We created both the app and the portal, meaning that the integration is flawless, and both platforms exhibit the same continuous branding and design.

The finished product

UpbeatUpbeat was being developed natively on both iOS and Android, at Roller HQ in Nottingham.

The app is currently out for users testing and you can expect to see Upbeat on app stores soon.

If you want to get yourself an app in the new year, get in touch with us today, or have a look at our other projects!