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April 13, 2018

SEO Best Practices: A Well-Kept Secret

Written By Pammy Alexander

The well-kept industry secret is that developers, UX designers and marketers all influence the quality of a website’s SEO. Accessibility, performance and content are all vital parts of good SEO.

SEO is a discipline, a process and a behind-the-scenes practice which underpins the amount of enquiries a business receives through their website and the size of a blog’s readership. If search engines cannot index a site, the organic traffic will suffer and so will the future potential of any business.

Code Matters

Transcribing audio and video as well as adding alt tags to images are crucial, otherwise search engines find it more difficult to index a website. Additionally, making an XML file containing a sitemap can make all the difference, allowing search engines to crawl the desired website. SERP position is affected by everything from HTML syntax to your SSL certificate, which secures the server-browser connection and activates the https protocol.

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Compress Images

If a site uses uncompressed images, they will absorb too much of its bandwidth and space. The more images are contained on a single page, the smaller the images need to be. However, the quality of the visuals should not be sacrificed. Well orchestrated image compression makes a website suitable for mobile viewing but also reduces page load speed; all necessary for good SEO.

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Translate paths

Working with a wide range of clients means digital agencies have to account for content in numerous languages. Having different paths for content in various languages allows search engines to distinguish them and rank a website higher. Web crawlers can be helpfully informed of the language of the content through hreflang tags.

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Use Text

Since text is most easily aggregated by search engines, it is essential that your website contains it. Though visual design is a major component of UX, those quality images need to be accompanied by unique descriptions. This is why blogs are a good solution for image-heavy websites.

Establishing an SEO process and ensuring that every department contributes to healthy practices is essential how high or low a site ranks. Although the SEO of the future will be deeply rooted in AI with the growth of semantic search, digital businesses can’t quite suspend traditional practices yet.