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November 2, 2017

How Instagram Has Become Our Biggest Marketing Asset

Written By Nikki McCaig

As of 2017, Instagram currently has over 700 million users. With over 400 million active daily users, influencers, brands and consumers, this is a platform with potential.

Initially designed to be a simple photo-sharing app, over the years, Instagram has expanded its boundaries into Stories, AR software, lives streams and sponsored advertising – embedding an entire retail campaign into one small device. It’s every marketer’s dream.

So how can marketers get the most of their Instagram accounts, and how do we know when we’ve achieved success?

The New Online Shopping Device

With the introduction of sponsored, affiliate or brand linked posts, Instagram has recently become an innovative new shopping platform for retail marketers globally. Brands such as Glossier, TopShop, ASOS and Starbucks are all utilising the unmatched reach of the social app to create a virtual store through their Instagram profiles. Aldi, in particular, has received public praise for its use of the standard Instagram grids to create a seasonally appropriate ‘feast’ effect running through months of uploads at a time.Screen Shot 2017 10 30 at 11.46.20 - How Instagram Has Become Our Biggest Marketing Asset

Through photogenic uploads, the platform has evolved into a virtual clothing store for many retail marketers, using filters, themes and idents to create unique identities for their brands.

The Next Digital Portfolio

For many users, Instagram is seen as a digital portfolio of their work. Freelancers, photographers, make up artists and bloggers have used their social following through Instagram to create a set of visual case studies to advertise to new potential clients and customers. Working in connection with the LinkedIn’s functionality as a professional networking site, and Twitter’s unique recruitment selling point, Instagram is the next big platform to introduce professional opportunity to it’s list of potential purposes.instagram

The New Social Platform

One of the most unique features of Instagram is it’s growing culture of inclusivity, as it encompasses all of the practicalities of other popular social media sites. With many influencers using the platform as a second Youtube channel, blog and Twitter account – sharing content, captions, updates and video footage on their profiles – this makes for a richly diverse and accessible app. Having already overtaken Snapchat and Facebook in its use of Instagram Stories, the channel is set to evolve and expand even further in it’s reach and influence. Whilst not quite making all other social platforms obsolete quite yet, Instagram is a growing market for almost every demographic of user, and is only set to get better.twitter - How Instagram Has Become Our Biggest Marketing Asset

Marketing and Instagram is a match made in heaven – as the platform has now become so accessible that your social reach has never been better. Whether you’re aiming for blanket coverage or a virtual beauty counter, your Instagram account should be your next big campaign for success!