Suffragette Roulette custom built app dice roll on iphone
March 8, 2016

Suffragette Roulette Launch

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Here at Roller, we’ve been busy getting ready for International Women’s Day 2016, and the day is finally here!

We’re excited for International Women’s Day because it’s also the launch day of the brand new app Suffragette Roulette.

Developed with the women’s rights and international development charity Womankind Worldwide, Suffragette Roulette is a game which aims to shed light on women in politics and the hardships they face.

Suffragette Roulette at Roller Agency

The app takes users on a snakes and ladders styled journey into parliament, and is inspired by the original Suffragette board game Pank-a-Squith.

The app is a fun marketing and promotional tool for Womankind Worldwide, but it also aims to highlight the lack of female politicians around the world, the everyday sexism women face, and other pressing issues.

The app is available now on both iOS and Android, and we’re so pleased to have donated our services to Womankind Worldwide to design and develop Suffragette Roulette.

Suffragette Roulette

Our approach to the project

This game has a strong message for its players, and it was imperative that this message gets across within a fun atmosphere.

We also felt it would be important to get the app onto as many platforms as possible to make it accessible to all, so we created an iOS, Android and web version.

The partnership with Womankind Worldwide was key to this project, and building a close relationship with the charity helped us to understand the exact severity of what they were trying to portray. The app is full of facts and figures of the struggle women face in day to day life, and when entering the political profession, and the content of the app is a real eye opener for those playing the game.

This was a project that we thoroughly enjoyed, not only because it gave us a chance to build a gaming app on Unity, but because of the nature of the app itself and its message. We are thrilled to have donated our services to Womankind Worldwide, worked together on a charity project like this.

Suffragette Roulette

We hope everyone has a great International Women’s Day, and head over the App Store or Play Store to download Suffragette Roulette for free.