October 26, 2012

This week in digital: Tablet wars and apps that tell you when to pee

Written By Martin Sandhu

Tablet wars
Forget robot wars, unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock this week you cannot fail to have missed announcements from both Apple and Microsoft.

Early in the week Apple revealed their much anticipated iPad Mini, alongside a new, slimmer iMac and, to many iPad3 owners shock, a fourth generation iPad.

The iPad mini is just 7.2mm thick, weights 0.68lbs and aims to directly compete with similar-sized, albeit cheaper, tablets from Google, Amazon and Samsung.

Described as ‘a kick in the face’ by Stuff.tv editor Paddy Smith, the 4th generation iPad supersedes the iPad3 which was only released in March of this year.  The new A6X chip means the table has twice the CPU power of its predecessor. But Apple are facing anger from iPad3 owners angry at the upgrade.

Also this week, Microsoft launched Windows 8 and it’s new Surface Tablet.

The futuristic looking user interface aims to put Microsoft and Windows firmly back on the map after dragging behind on the innovation front in recent years.

The new operating system has PC and tablet versions – Windows 8 and Windows RT respectively – and current Windows 7 users are promised a better battery life, reduction in memory use and faster booting should they upgrade.

Windows 8 also has it’s own app store, opening up a platform for development which many big names are already utilising, including Netflix.

Look out for our guide to Metro UI  (or Windows User Interface) on the blog next week.

We know apps come in all shapes and sizes, but this one really had us giggling this week…although we can’t deny it’s a great idea!

The beauty of watching a film at home is that you can pause it whenever you like, whether it’s to make a drink, answer the phone or go to the bathroom. You might not be able to pause a film at the cinema, but RunPee will let you know when the best time to make a dash for it is…meaning you don’t miss the best bit! As if that wasn’t enough, it will even fill you in on the bits you missed!

We advise discreet use, so you don’t upset fellow cinema goers…but the app does have a dark background so it isn’t too bright.

Online security
It seems many people still haven’t grasped how important online security is in 2012. An annual survey of passwords has found that ‘password’ is still top of the list followed by ‘1234567’ and ‘12345678’.

SplashData’s top 25 list was compiled from files containing millions of stolen passwords posted online by hackers.

Also in the top 25 are ‘ninja’ and ‘jesus’!