Take Your Business Mobile with Roller Agency Cloud Services and Apps
October 28, 2015

Take Your Business Mobile

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Here at Roller Agency we love all things technology, especially if its mobile based.

We understand the need for mobile technology, and the impact it can have on the success of a business, its marketing, e-commerce and more. We’ve been exploring how to help businesses and here’s how to take your business mobile.

What do we mean by ‘Mobile’?

When we say mobile we’re talking about it in every sense, mobile apps and business mobility. It can get confusing but think back to the time before mobile phones, and you’ll remember that if something was mobile it was movable, and this is what we mean by business mobility and mobility solutions.

For us, there’s 2 main things that an average business would need to make themselves mobile –cloud services and an app.

Cloud Services

For when you need to stay connected and conduct business from wherever you are, there’s cloud services.

In particular there’s enterprise mobility solutions. These could be invaluable to a business where colleagues are always on the go, or you need real-time collaboration and access to business information from any device, anywhere.

With a bespoke or customer enterprise mobility solution you could ensure that all your employees have access to their shared data, client information, and business files whenever they need them, so you can move business out of the office and improve productivity at the same time.

You could even create a bespoke portal for your employees, with all your data on hand with real-time reporting and informatics system. We could create something to your specific needs to ensure optimum impact, performance and accessibility.


Ahh the old classic, an app is the perfect way to take your business mobile and get right in front of your customers.

Whether its for e-commerce purposes or a new marketing push, a mobile app can be an extremely effective way to boost business.

In our opinion a mobile app can be created for any occasion and purpose and you’ll see from our previous post how an app can suit any business. If you missed out on reading that post, or don’t fancy reading, this nifty infographic will show you exactly what your app could do for you.

What an App can do for you and your business

Why not both?

Sometimes one is just not enough.

If both ideas of mobility take your fancy, there’s always the option to use cloud services, get a bespoke enterprise mobility solution and an app.

This cross platform approach would really ensure maximum productivity and if you fancy getting your hands on a system like this drop us an email and have a look at what we can do for you.