pexels photo 1000445 - Team Bonding = like team building only better and more fun
October 31, 2018

Team Bonding = like team building only better and more fun

Written By Madeleine Kirk

Here at Roller, like most businesses, all employees sit and work with each other on a daily basis. We are a quality over quantity kind of team, being a team of just 25. Although we interact with each other all day, every day, whether or not this is effective communication, we would never know.

We use Slack, the instant messaging tool, to communicate. This is really useful for all employees although it cuts out a chunk of face to face interaction with each other and non-work related chat on a daily basis, with all colleagues at the other end of Slack just a few taps of the keyboard away. The industry that we are in relies on teamwork, from the initial meetings with clients, designers turning an idea into visuals and then the developers making these products become a reality. Without teamwork, clients would not see the end result of an application or web platform.

Organising our workspaces to maximise efficiency can be hard. Similarly we all have to make decisions on a daily basis, some of us have more time to make these decisions, others don’t and where a client is concerned, they want an answer to their question usually within a short space of time. This ‘team work’ is infrequently defined by a group of people, constantly talking and collaborating throughout a project. When we have a new client onboard, like most businesses, we have a kick-off meeting, then the individual teams and team members work individually to progress the project. A project requires various people, from project managers, copywriters, designers, frontend and backend developers, developers who code on different platforms and the project manager who oversees the whole project. Throughout each process, there is a lot of individual work that comes together to create a team effort, and each person has to trust one another to do their part in order to keep the project moving forward and to reach the final goal.

Pumpkin - Team Bonding = like team building only better and more fun

Creativity and innovation is an important part of the industry that we are in. We have a range of different clients, those who know exactly what they want from us in terms UI and who their main target audience is, whether they want a application or web platform and what specific system they want it to be built in. Others, however, come to use with an idea of an app or web platform, and that’s about it. They may have a vague idea of how they want it to look and have a company logo and colours, but apart from that, we build it from the ground up. For us, collaborating in order to foster this innovation and creativity is essential. This can be both with the client or as an internal team.

Taking employees out of their comfort zones can facilitate team bonding. Team bonding brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Different types of activities help colleagues see a different side to you than when working. This can not only increase moral in the office but also allows teams to work more effectively when solving everyday problems.

We would love you to put our team building skills to the test as we are always up for a new challenge so we’d love to hear from you.
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A prime example is sports teams. After a sports team wins a championship, they celebrate and have fun, which in turn motivates them to win more. Take this example and put it into the context of an SME, working together can motivate employees and colleagues to work that little bit harder to reach the end goal.     

Most people associate the month of October with Halloween. We took advantage of this and  incorporated a lunchtime of team building, also known as Pumpkin Carving. The motivation to get involved and win, a big box of Maltesers, who doesn’t like maltesers. To find out how we got on, take a look below. We will be sticking to designing and developing apps!