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September 6, 2017

Why More Tech Companies Should Hire Graduates

Written By Nikki McCaig

For the classes of 2017, graduating into a world of tech can be a daunting process. The skills of the seminar are seemingly unacceptable in the modern workplace, and there’s a new level of competition facing such a fresh-faced generation of tech graduates.

Mitch Pearlstein, in his article ‘The Importance of Listening to Students and Recent Graduates in the Technical Field’ describes tech graduates as the ‘union of enthusiasts’ who share their new, exciting perspectives on the issues facing the tech industries. He believes that whilst the older generation of engineers, scientists and technicians can see problems such as discrimination, lack of diversity and political disparity, it is the younger generations who will work to change them.

Pearlstein’s article goes on to explain that the younger tech representatives are vital in demonstrating the great opportunities that the tech industry can offer, describing them as ‘successful and enthusiastic workers’. The approval of tech graduates from big tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and Tesla reflects this, in that they run graduate programmes for over 4,000 students in a variety of tech-based roles.

So why should your tech company hire graduates? Not only are graduates one of the largest pools of talented job-seekers, the millennial classes of graduates also have a reputation for being naturally tech-literate.

Working Environment

Incredibly keen to learn, and quick to adapt to new situations, graduates genuinely well-suited to a hectic and pressured working environment. With busy social lives and a penchant for multi-tasking, busy working days are a small matter for the younger generation, and are more likely to respond to a problematic situations faster than an older, or even more experienced, worker.

Graduates question things, they will deconstruct harmful, unsuccessful or unnecessary practices and argue against their implementation in the first place. They can enter a workspace, and understand the social standing, the hierarchy, the way things work in a matter of hours, and get to work almost instantaneously through their high-speed mentatlity.

Financial Benefits

A lack of experience in a professional working environment, and the average level of minimum wage for graduates means that they can expect a lower starting salary from their first job. With this is mind, the more roles a graduate takes on, the higher their salary can rise, so it’s crucial for your company to be the one that snatches them up first.

Similarly, being the company to outsource valuable talent also secures a valuable return investment, in that that one young graduate you hired on a whim could end up being the viral success story of your industry.


Although every graduate is different, and will bring their own personal style to the role, as a generalisation, millennials are good with tech. Enthusiastic about the latest updates and developments, they have a preconceived understanding of technological and digital fields, meaning that their enthusiasm will be unmatchable during recruitment.

Graduates and young recruits have also grown up with a ‘startup’ mentality, meaning they expect and anticipate to smaller standards. They have been educated on low incomes, and unsuccessful business ideas, so any form of security and high standard you can provide will be reciprocated with one entirely grateful graduate worker.

If you need any more convincing to hire a graduate worker, why not take a look at the Roller workforce. Young, fresh out of university and all of them dedicated to our clients and projects. We love working with graduates, and the benefits have been enormous, so why not give it a go?

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