October 2, 2015

The 5 Best Uses For Beacons

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Bluetooth Beacons are a technology on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. However, since they are barely out of the crib, they are not as popular and widely used as perhaps they should be.

Beacon technology is a way to enhance this already connected society, and gives brands and businesses a crucial connection to prospective customers and users. If you’re still unsure whether you could benefit from using them we’ve complied this handy list of their best uses so you can decide.

But first, how do Beacons work?

Beacons are small devices with an ARM processor and a Bluetooth module which broadcasts various signals and connects with a compatible mobile app to display a specific message or action.

So, technical bits aside, the devices push messages to smartphones with the corresponding app within the proximity of the physical beacon using Bluetooth. This means direct connection with consumers via their most treasured possession, their phones.


Footfall Tracking

Bluetooth BeaconsLearn exactly how many people visit your store or event with a footfall tracking beacon.

For certain businesses and companies, tracking footfall can be a vital metric to see how the business is performing and progressing. Footfall tracking systems already exist but are often prohibitively expensive. Reducing the cost by implementing beacon systems such as Estimote or Kontakt would prove useful for a whole range of businesses from shopping centres, football stadiums, and museums just to name a few.


 Bluetooth BeaconNavigation is perhaps the most common use for these little devices, it’s essentially what they were designed for.

Navigation is an aspect that can be applied to any situation and is needed by everything from shopping centres and schools to outdoor areas and events. A beacon system set up for visitor navigation could do something as simple as telling people where they are, point people in the direction of where they need to go, or delivering a guided tour straight to visitors’ phones.


Bluetooth BeaconsArguably the most important aspect of business can become simpler and a lot more direct with the use of beacons.

Whether it’s for a new marketing scheme, a new product, or vouchers and incentives, your target marketing efforts can be vastly improved as your advertisements will come through as a notification on visitors phones and straight into the pockets of your prospective customers.


Bluetooth BeaconGet your products in their pocket.

Advertising through beacons could be invaluable for shopping centres, department stores and other retailers. This kind of use has already proved itself popular when Elle magazine launched a beacon enabled issue connecting readers to the products pictured in the publication.

Smart Airports

Beacon-RedBecause lets face it, we all need help with navigation and organisation in airports.

Already tried and tested by Virgin Atlantic, this use would see airports become a much easier affair. Beacons would alert passengers to their check in gate, check in time, boarding time and really take some stress out of travelling.

Convinced yet?

Personally, we feel beacons would prove them useful in any context due to their flexible nature and purpose. If you would like more information on beacons then check out our beacons services or get in touch.