April 17, 2014

The art of intelligent stickiness & mobile engagement

Written By Gishan Don Ranasinghe

Wireframe Engagement

Stickiness is defined in the mobile world as how often users keep coming back to engage with an app. A common issue in the mobile app industry is how to maximise user engagement. There are few ways of doing this. Such as simple designs, engaging app descriptions, push notifications and frequent app maintenance.

Since mobile app industry is using those methods frequently all around the world, they will not be that much effective in near future. Of course you need a attractive app description, design etc. But what about a new and intelligent way of maximising engagement to the apps. Customers like apps to be smarter and behave like more like humans. This means intelligent systems and mechanisms integrating to the mobile apps. By doing these apps can provide exactly what user is looking for with less user effort.

There are many pending ideas in industry so far and there are some apps actually following these mechanisms, such as Shazam and myTaxi. Shazam is an app which can detect any song it can hear. This works by analysing the captured sound and seeking a match based on an acoustic fingerprint in a database for more than 11 million songs. Even the app needs to search through 11 million songs it can provide a result in less than a second. This is because this app includes a intelligent search algorithm in it.

Also the acoustic fingerprint finger print is implemented using many robotic technologies. Automated colour detection, face recognition are some of the other methods which can be used. And there are many ongoing open source projects and libraries available. Most of them are in AI language called Prolog. But the ideas of these can easily be implemented using mobile app development languages.

Developing and maintaining a intelligent and smart app can be time consuming and difficult. But by doing this apps can make the mobile app industry more stable and pursue more users to it.