November 16, 2012

This week in digital: The Nexus sells out, SmartTV’s are top of Christmas lists and the over 50’s are scared of buying mobile phones

Written By Martin Sandhu

Google Nexus 4 snapped up quicker than Glastonbury tickets
The UK allocation of Google’s new smart-phone sold out in less than 30 minutes this morning. The Register reports seeing all variants of the phone with a ‘notify me’ button rather than a ‘buy me’ button just half an hour after they were officially released.


The phones comparatively affordable price means many users are able to purchase the handset outright – unlike iPhone users who tend to rent the device. At just £239 for the 8gb and £279 for the 16gb it’s clearly a popular choice.

But Google Play was unprepared for the sudden traffic hit, users reported a sluggish pace as the hoards of punters descended on the app store.

SmartTV market growing rapidly

Despite the turbulent economic climate, consumer intent to upgrade their TVs to those with internet capability is growing. YouGov questioned 350,000 Britons and revealed that 11% plan to buy a smartTV in the year.

Despite a drop in the sale of televisions over the last year, many Brits are ready to step into the world of smartTVs – those with the ability to access the internet for services such as on demand TV, radio and video chat.

“There is a huge appetite for accessing internet services on TV sets, whether that be on demand TV, radio, news apps, or video calling services like Skype,” says YouGov.
The implication for the digital industry should the demand materialise is significant as it opens up further the possibility of apps specifically for use on smart TV’s.

Twitter adds share via email button
In a move that we cannot quite decide how we feel about here at Roller, Twitter has added a ‘share via email button’ to Tweets.

The button appeared on Thursday and will allow users to send content from Twitter to users who do not currently use the site.


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Over 50’s are scared of purchasing a mobile phone
The over 50’s would rather take the car to the garage or negotiate insurance than navigate purchasing a mobile phone. That’s despite the fact that 54% now use a mobile phone everyday.

Two out of five people surveyed said they felt patronised, uncomfortable or nervous when trying to buy new technology.
The survey for Tesco’s Phone Shop, revealed that the over-50s felt “the experience in some tech retailers is ranked about as enjoyable as a doctor’s appointment”.