November 4, 2015

The Rise of Virtual Reality

Written By Rebecca Larkin

At the minute virtual reality is all the rage (and pretty unavoidable if you’re a regular reader of tech websites), and for good reason.

Virtual reality is about to really take off, and we cannot wait. To get you prepared for the rise of virtual reality here’s a brief roundup of everything you need to know about the headsets, the uses and what you can expect from VR.

What is Virtual Reality?

In technical terms virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D image or environment that you interact with in a seemingly real or physical way using a special headset or form of headset.

In regular terms virtual reality is that thing we’ve all been waiting for. The ability to see a completely different location and environment to the one you’re actually in. An immersive gaming and film environment, so you can finally be right there in the action.

What can it do?

To say it’s still pretty new, there’s no limitations to the capabilities of VR. At the minute, here’s a roundup of the headsets that are out now, coming soon and the uses for VR.

The Headsets

Oculus Rift
If you’ve heard about VR before, then you’ll probably have heard the name Oculus too. The two are pretty much synonymous with the Oculus Rift being the most popular and anticipated headset, even thought it’s not available until early 2016. The Oculus is the next generation of VR and will come packed with a whole host of features and will be compatible with a special Xbox controller and Oculus Touch for another level of VR.

Gear VR
If you’re looking for some VR to play with right now, then the Oculus powered Gear VR is the one for you (but only if you have an Samsung, sorry Apple fans). Available now for the price of £169 the Gear VR is smartphone innovation at its best. The headset only requires a Galaxy Note, S6 or S6 Edge to become a powerful and portable VR experience.

The Microsoft HoloLens is another VR giant that consumers are eagerly awaiting. Currently only the Developer Edition of the HoloLens is available, and even they’re hard to get hold of. But rest assured, when it arrives the HoloLens will bring with it a wealth of expertise form Microsoft. To get the full low down on Microsoft HoloLens here’s everything you need to know.

Google Cardboard
It wouldn’t be a technology development without Google having a version of it. The Cardboard is a simple and affordable way to get your hands on VR and requires nothing but a smartphone, and some folding skills!

Others worth a mention…
Of course there’s more out there than just industry giants, with HTC, Sony and the Sony PlayStation all due to make there VR debut in early 2016.

The Uses of VR

As far as the uses for VR go, there’s 4 main uses that we can’t wait to see and get involved in.

Let’s be honest, this is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for – immersive and truly interactive gaming (preferably with zombies). With PS VR will come a whole host of VR games, but until then there’s plenty available on Gear VR and Google Cardboard to explore.

Imagine feeling like you’re in the film you’re watching, sounds pretty cool right? We can’t wait to see how film VR experiences grow.

VR could actually be the resource that makes learning fun! And plus, who would say no to a VR experience?

Social VR
This is a big focus for the Microsoft HoloLens, where they’ll be giving Skype a whole new dimension.

Whats out there at the minute?

We can’t wait to see how VR develops, and can’t wait to start making VR apps ourselves. Keep your eye out on our website for the new VR page coming soon and detailing all our VR services and in the meantime, here’s 8 VR experiences you can have right now!