January 18, 2012

The SOPA blackout protest

Written By Martin Sandhu

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is intended to protect the intellectual property copyright by shutting down websites that infringe with this law. Today, Wednesday 18th January marked the largest online protest in the history of the Internet aimed at the two bills that are going to be passed in the US.

Not only websites in the US could be shut down but sites that are outside the US as well, has led to a number of high profile founders of Google, Wikipedia, the Internet Archive, Tumblr and Twitter – counter that the laws will stifle innovation and investment, hallmarks of the free, open internet.

Within our own industry this impact will be felt as it could have an impact on online dialogue and creativity.  And while we wait to see what will happens, many hope that the wording will change to prevent the potential for massive Internet censorship.

For more information, read SOPA in its entirety.