August 14, 2015

Top 5 Educational Apps to Entertain Kids over Summer

Written By Rebecca Larkin

The school holidays are in full swing, and you’ll soon no doubt be running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained while keeping their minds sharp away from school. The educational app industry is booming, there’s oodles of them on the market so it’s hard to choose which is best.

We’ve taken some time out to round up the best educational apps for children. Here’s our top 5, with a mix of games, fun and facts.

Top 5 Educational Apps1. CBeebies Playtime
Available on: iOS & Android
Cost: Free

It’s no surprise that the BBC are leading the way when it comes to educational games and this CBeebies app is as fun as it can get.

Top 5 Educational Apps The app features a range of mini games from colouring to puzzles, each with an underlying educational purpose like learning colours, shapes or spelling. It even has the added bonus of it being saturated with favourite characters from CBeebies shows, including some characters that the parents might recognise (because sometimes a person might fancy colouring in Tiny Clanger).

The primary focus is on the app’s playability, and education is doled out with a light touch, but it’s great for young children to have some fun on, and just maybe they’ll learn a few things too.

Top 5 Educational Apps2. Aquafresh Brush Time
Available on: iOS & Android
Cost: Free

Top 5 Educational AppsSweeping in at number 2 is a very educational tool from Aquafresh. This app really does make brushing teeth fun for children, and not only does it teach children how to brush their teeth correctly, but it times them too, so you know that they’ve had a proper clean.

Adding to the fun is the interactive main character, for whom you can purchase clothes and accessories with the coins earned from brushing sessions, because who wouldn’t want to dress up a toothpaste character?

While it doesn’t focus on the ‘Three Rs,’ Aquafresh have built a strong educational game which keeps children engaged and entertained, while promoting good oral hygiene habits.

Top 5 Educational Apps3. Cybersafe
Available on: iOS & Android
Cost: £1.49

Top 5 Educational AppsThis is another perfect example of how to make important information fun. Cybersafe is an interactive, (and slightly addictive) game teaching children aged 9-11 about staying safe online.

Designed and created by students at Goffs School UK it teaches children about internet threats, cyber bullying and the importance of password security.

The app has three mini games, all of which are as entertaining as they are educational. The first and possibly biggest games is Detective Charlee, getting users to find and document evidence of cyber bullying, showing children which forms cyber bullying can take and how to recognise it.

The second game is PaS$w0rd Blocker, which is exactly how it sounds, full of arcade style interactivity to move around some blocks to literally block your password.

The third game is Goof Run, think Temple Run, but with a purpose. This game consists of ‘running’ through an online chatroom, avoid bullies and picking up facts about cyber bullying.

Cybersafe shows how games can help convey an important message to it’s users, and we think it’s well worth the money. You’ll be getting your child a comprehensive and interactive guide to staying safe online, and peace of mind for yourself that they’re playing, and staying safe.

Top 5 Educational Apps4. Licking Letters
Available on: iOS
Cost: £1.49

Top 5 Educational AppsHopping in at number 4 is Licking Letters, featuring a very friendly and loveable frog. This app has a focus on spelling and word recognition, perfect for ages 2-5 as the game will progress as your child advances, with levels getting harder, seasons changing, and more outfits becoming available for your frog friend!

Licking Letters combines education with arcade action and earning coins for correctly spelled words is definitely an excellent incentive, and plus it has a load of cool mini games too, for double the froggy fun.

Top 5 Educational Apps5. Henri le Worm
Available on: iOS & Android
Cost: £1.29

Top 5 Educational AppsNumber 5 goes to possibly the coolest worm we’ve ever met, sorry Earthworm Jim. So cool, in fact, that Starbucks offered a free download to their customers.

It’s not just Starbucks that love Henri either, he was listed as both #1 app in UK Education Category and #1 in the Guardian’s Top 20 Weekly Best iPhone and iPad App Chart.

Henri le Worm is around to teach kids about gardens, bugs, growing fruit and veg, and healthy eating. What an educational worm. This interactive game is perfect for kids between 4-8, with or without parents, but trust us, you’ll want to play this just as much as your kids.

So there you have our top 5 education apps, to keep your kids entertained and learning over the summer holidays.

Here at Roller we’re no strangers to how mobile devices can be used to educate people, and we love developing them. If you’re looking to build an app, educational or not, get in touch with us today.