March 2, 2016

Top 5 Goal Tracking Apps

Written By Rebecca Larkin

It’s official, March is here and almost everyone has given up on their New Year resolutions. Don’t worry, we all stopped around February…

For those that still have their new years motivation, or for those who are looking to make lasting changes with the help of some apps, then look no further, because we’ve got you covered.

We get it, it’s hard to stay organised, stay healthy, and stay on top of things, but whatever your goal, one of these apps will help you log it, track it, and most importantly, achieve it.

MyFitnessPal 1.) MyFitnessPal
Cost: Free
Platform: iOS & Android

It’s the one that everyone has heard of, and if losing weight or improving your fitness is your goal, then this is going to be your bestfriend.


The basic premise of the app is to log your daily food intake, from which it will tell you how many calories, carbohydrates, fats and sugar you’re consuming. Using this famous Calorie Counter helps users log their meals and measure caloric intake against their weight loss/gain goals.

With the main feature being food logging, it’s important for the app to have a big food database so you can enter exactly what you eat, and MyFitnessPal doesn’t disappoint. A database of over 6 million foods is on hand, and there’s even a barcode scanner to directly enter your food.

It is also regularly updated with exercise tips, recipe ideas and health information.

Of course, counting calories isn’t the only way to reach your fitness goal, so alongside tracking your calories you can log your fitness activity to see how many calories you’ve burnt throughout the day/at the gym, and set yourself weight goals with regular progress updates. 2.)
Cost: Free (Paid features inside)
Platform: iOS & Android

Over here in the UK this app is as talked about as it is over in America, but trust us, you’re going to want to get this. is a dedicated goal tracking app, which means that whatever your goal is, it’s going to have something for you. Whether it’s fitness, learning a new skill, feeling happier, or being productive.

Every aspect of the app is about tracking goals and creating habits, to better integrate your goal into your daily life.

The app also has a strong focus on community, and it’s all about showing your progress, celebrating your achievements and offering helpful tips along the way.

While most of the app is free, there is a membership subscription fee of around £11 per month if you’d like to hire a personal coach to support your journey, but the free option is just as good.

And if you get really into it, there’s even an Apple Watch app to stay tracking all day.

Daily Curiosity 3.) Daily Curiosity
Cost: Free
Platform: iOS & Android

If learning new things is your goal, then this is absolutely perfect. Although it’s not technically about goal tracking, if you’re after learning a new thing everyday then this little gem will give you 5 new nuggets of genuinely interesting information every day.

Daily Curiosity

It’s almost like watching QI, but without the TV or Stephen Fry.

Daily Curiosity is absolutely full of things to learn, and has the added benefit of having exceptional UX and being a joy to be on. It’s simple navigation puts you right in the middle of the facts, and you can explore further with videos, articles, and all the information is available to share with non-app users via social integration.

The facts themselves are also very diverse, sometimes they’re science themed, sometimes you’re learning about political stances, sometimes it’s an unexplained natural mystery, but each day will be a great mixture.

Even the loading screens give you short, sharp, ‘did you know’ style facts, which all adds up to a great app (even though it doesn’t technically track your goals, you’re going to know you’re learning).

Habitica 4.) Habitica
Cost: Free
Platform: iOS & Android

Goal tracking and daily tasks get some gamification in Habatica, and we think it’s the perfect motivation to help users stick to their goals.


Not only is this app good for goal tracking, it’s also a great example of the success of gamification.

Mundane and everyday tasks become fun, because once you have created your to-list, or goal, or habits, you’re able to go through a tick list and tick everything you’ve done. Now that in itself doesn’t sound too fun, but whilst ticking things off your chosen avatar will begin to level up.

Yep, when joining the app you are asked to chose a personal character/avatar, who will improve with the more things you do. Your avatar will level up, earn new armour, pets and there’s even quests to send them on.

You can even send your avatar out to fight your friends, which supposedly helps keep you both motivated as the user who is doing the most will win.

You can track anything, and everything, and for some people this gamification could be the key to sticking to the goal.

Evernote 5.) Evernote
Cost: Free (Paid features inside)
Platform: iOS & Android

Much like Daily Curiosity this isn’t technically a goal tracking app, but if you’re goal is to be more productive and organised then this app is going to help you achieve that.


Evernote is an industry giant when it comes to productivity apps, and noone can really rival it.

With a flawless UX and a plethora of handy features, its easy to see why this is the most popular choice if you’re after an organisational app.

Write notes, checklists, to do lists, save articles from other sources, attach Microsoft Office files, PDFs and photos, all within this one app.

Think of it as your virtual notebook, whether it’s for work purposes, organising a holiday, writing your weekly shopping list or do all of the above, because you can even create seperate notebooks within the app. You’ll be able to write and track pretty much anything.

We hope that in this list there’s something to help you track your goals and increase motivation.

If you find that there isn’t a goal tracking app for you, then maybe you’d like to consider creating your own goal tracking app?

If you do have any ideas for a new app, get in touch with us today, we’d love to discuss any ideas or projects you may have.