July 6, 2015

Top 5 Tennis Apps

Written By Jessica Lail

Here at Roller we love sports, and one of our designers Gemma particularly loves tennis. So, with Wimbledon being in full swing, we have taken the chance to put together Roller’s Top 5 Tennis apps out there today…

1) The Champions, Wimbledon 2015 – Grand Slam Tennis

Available on: App store and Google Play

Cost: Free

Being the official Wimbledon app we can rely on the information being up-to-date and relevant. The app has the information that we would expect like: scores, order of play, videos etc. As well of these, the app allows you to set your favourite players and this will allow for alerts based on their games.

2) Tiny Tennis

Available on: App store and Google Play

Cost: Free

Tiny Tennis allows you to play the sport in a miniature environment. Drag your tiny character to hit the ball, win games and earn medals! The app allows you to challenge your friends and family via Game Centre and also share your high scores on Twitter!

3) BBC Sport

Available on: App store and Google Play

Cost: Free

The BBC provide you with the latest sports news, live action and highlights. On the app you can watch matches and highlights as well reading articles. It is also possible to listen to BBC radio whilst browsing through the app which is great to keep you clued up on the latest Wimbledon information!

4) Hit Tennis 3

Available on: App store and Google Play

Cost: Free

The aim of the game is to play against the characters to win trophies and coins. The coins allow you to buy different add ons to the game for example, different locations to play in. The interface has a “your apartment” section where you can access all your gaming information as well as a “how to play” tutorial.

5) Table Tennis Touch

Available on: App store and Google Play

Cost £2.99

Battle your way through 3 different career levels to earn a reputation and unlock parts of the game. With multiplayer coming in August 2015, you’ll be able to start your own personal tournaments!

There’s more tennis apps out there than you thought isn’t there? Don’t worry, to narrow down the choices we’ve spoken to our biggest tennis fan Gemma, in order to find out which app would be the best for the proper tennis fans.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 08.51.09

When asked what she enjoys most about tennis Gemma said, “I think tennis is a great sport as anyone can pick up a racket and give it a go, plus it’s a great way to exercise whilst having fun!”. Obviously these aren’t things that you’d find in a app, but for the competitive people out there, these can help you get that winning feeling.

Gemma went on to add that “as Wimbledon is already underway, I think it would be great to have an app that keeps you up to date with all the scores and upcoming matches of your favourite players”

With this in mind, the final question we asked Gemma was about which of Roller’s top 5 tennis apps was Gemma’s favourite. Gemma told us that she thinks “the Wimbledon 2015 app is probably the best app for the hardcore tennis fan, as it’s got all the information about who and when each game is happening plus lots of extra stats, facts and highlights that would keep you interested for hours. But if you’re just looking for a 5 minute break-filler at work I think tiny tennis is the best app. It’s fun, it has great style and it gets very addictive!”

Why don’t you guys get downloading to see if you agree with Gemma?