Roller Manchester
January 8, 2018

Trends and Insights Interview – Manchester

Written By Pammy Alexander

So why did we choose Manchester in particular for Trends and Insights research?

Manchester is a renowned shopping destination, which immediately put it on our Trends map. We were thrilled to get stuck into the city centre, abundant in retail hot spots. But we also sent part of our team to the infamous Trafford Centre. It houses the nation’s favourite brands, from luxury to high street. We just knew that Manchester was going to offer a balanced retail landscape, full of trends!

How many shops did you see during your visit?

Collectively, our team explored over 200 shops. From Selfridges in the city centre and Trafford Centre, to small boutiques and concept stores in the Northern Quarter.

Which shops in particular stood out to you from this city?

If I had to pick a favourite, I would say Hotel Chocolat. The provider of luxury chocolate gifts was completely transformed in time for Christmas. Though there were no seasonal marketing campaigns, they weren’t at all necessary. Upon walking in, we were immersed in Christmas. Products were geared towards the holidays, with chocolate wreaths and seasonal hot chocolate – the whole store served as the main form of advertising.

Did you pick up on any initial trends from the shop windows before you went in store?

Selfridges windows always hint towards what’s in store in the most captivating and creative way. They referenced some of the prominent themes of 2017 such as unity and diversity. We reveal more in our Trends and Insights document which can be found on our upcoming Tends site, where we dissect the yearly trends in more depth and relate it to the global retail landscape.

Were there any stand out colour themes that caught your eye?

Absolutely. The dominant colour themes this Christmas were royal red, navy and sparkle. They stood out for because of the deeper purpose they signify. Following a divided year, we witnessed a Christmas of two halves. Nationally and globally, 2017 was a time of unexpected political change and consequently, of social outburst.

How do you think the retail trends you picked up on this Christmas will be reflected in 2018?

I won’t give too much away as we outline every detail of our findings in our final document, however we can confidently predict that the trends of diversity and sustainability will largely grow and become the new norm in 2018.

What do you think we can expect from Christmas Trends and Insights 2018?

The retail landscape will shift even more. We suspect that it may be almost unrecognisable by the time Christmas 2018 come around. With the significant losses made by physical stores and the ever-growing online shift to online shoppings, retail spaces will need to make some changes if they wish to remain relevant.
Thank you!