May 10, 2014

UK app users more likely to view adverts

Written By Martin Sandhu


With a decline in TV advert viewing thanks to the invention of pausing and fast-forwarding live TV, advertisers have had to adapt to new ways of promoting their message.

The increased used of mobile apps over the last few years has made them a prime platform for advertisers and it seems that bet is now paying off. New research reveals that 72% of mobile ad impressions in the UK coming from apps, compared to just 31% globally, that’s according to data from mobile advertising traffic across Opera Mediaworks’ global platform.

Part of the success of UK mobile adverts is down to the use of video, a whopping 30% are ‘rich media adverts’ – the global average is just 2.5%.

The data also found that Apple takes the lead for UK advert impressions, with 55% coming from iOS devices, BlackBerry accounts for 16%.

What does it mean for app owners?

The research is great news for those contemplating mobile app development or who are finding it difficult to monetize their apps. The figures will go some way to shrinking any cynicism that advertisers have when it comes to mobile app adverts, encouraging more to utilise the platform. It will alleviate pressure on app developers who feel the only means to make a profit from an app is through in-app purchases or charging for the app itself.

What does it mean for non-app owners?

We know apps aren’t suitable for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you cannot tap into the vast audience apps attract. In order to finance apps, many developers offer great advertising opportunities that can be of huge benefit to any business. The key to getting it right is understanding the apps purpose, it’s success rate and the target audience. Obviously, buying space on an app before launch will be much cheaper than buying space on a number one ranking app – so thoroughly investigating the app is essential.

Even local businesses can benefit from such advertising with the right app – a taxi booking service, or one which specifically takes into account location (such as a take-away service or property search).