November 23, 2012

This week in digital: Wi-fi goes underground and the surprising truth about smartphone users and cookies

Written By Martin Sandhu

Wifi to be rolled out further on London Underground
It’s been confirmed that free wi-fi will be available to the majority of commuters on the London Underground from the early part of next year.

In a partnership between three of the UK’s largest providers, EE, Vodafone and Virgin, customers of the networks will gain free access, those with other networks will be able to purchase weekly or monthly passes or pay a £2 daily rate.

Virgin launched access for this years Olympic games and confirmed that there are already 72 station connected to the network, with a further 20 scheduled to receive coverage in December and 28 more planned to go online in the new year.

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Fast Mobile Internet Access in London on the Underground

UK mums leading the way for smartphone usage
It’s been revealed that UK mums are bigger users of smartphones than Mums anywhere else in the World.

A new report from BabyCentre, The Global Media Mum 2012, found that 72% of UK mums own a smartphone, compared to 68% in Australia, 65% in the US and 58% Canada.

Shopping is top of the list of uses, with nearly half of British Mums having made a purchase on their device and a third having used a shopping app. They’re also more likely to scan QR codes for special offers or use a barcode scanner to compare prices.

Only 12% of UK websites complying with cookie law
The EU Cookie Law came into force earlier this year, but just 12% of UK websites currently show a banner or pop-up which informs users about cookies on their site.

Whilst this number might seem low, the same study found that none of the top sites in France or Germany have yet complied with the law.

Awareness of the law in the UK is relatively high, over 80% of Brits understand what cookies are and two thirds know about the law.

The online study, by eTrust, looked at over over 4,000 consumers in France, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands, and 200 top websites.

Email still provides highest ROI
Almost 300 mid-size and enterprise-level marketers, cite email alongside website marketing as providing the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

The survey of 294 businesses, found that email marketing was still ahead of social media, in terms of ROI. However, 51% are planning to invest more in Facebook marketing in 2013.