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April 9, 2018

7 UX Instagram Accounts that Inspire Our Designers

Written By Nikki McCaig

As we’re currently celebrating our Roller Design Week Takeover, where our UX Design Team are taking centre stage across our social platforms this week, we wanted to discuss some of their own personal forms of inspiration. Major social giant Instagram is clearly a forerunner in terms of inspirational content, but we usually associate the platform with holiday shots, flatlays and glamorous selfies, rather than high tech graphic design.

But there is, of course, a deep and inspirational yet corporate side to Instagram. Our designers have been following UX and UI driven design Instagram accounts for years, and so we asked them to share some of their favourites for Takeover Week. These accounts are not only visually enticing and aesthetically appealing, but also showcase some of the most technical and high end potential of good user experience design.


Screen Shot 2018 04 09 at 16.02.27 - 7 UX Instagram Accounts that Inspire Our Designers

Sleek and minimalist, @thedesigntalks is an account that take a light heartedly sophisticated approach to graphic design. Highlighting their personal favourite selection of content from digital designers all around the work in every field, the different styles and approaches to UX are clearly defined throughout their feed.

Accounts such as DesignTalks, who archive and collect only the most stunning and stylish imagery and graphic production, are genuinely celebrated within our Design Team. They believe that good work deserves to be appreciated by those with the right eye to view it.


Screen Shot 2018 04 09 at 16.07.30 - 7 UX Instagram Accounts that Inspire Our DesignersMelbourne-based creative agency Oak and Ink is next on our designers list. Their account @oakandink is a shrine to the richest and boldest pantone shades of white and red in the spectrum, as they execute their creative style through their imagery. With carefully curated photographs, artworks, illustrations and graphics, their content is stylish and sleek, and exciting to explore through the weeks. For a little burst of colour and sophistication in your feed, this is the account to follow.


Screen Shot 2018 04 09 at 16.14.37 - 7 UX Instagram Accounts that Inspire Our DesignersPatterns, patterns and more patterns. The eyes can’t seem to rest on any particular spot, line or streak in the @patternity feed, and this is what draws our designers so eagerly to their content. Self-described ‘pattern pioneers’, they aim to celebrate and curate some of the world’s most extravagant and luxurious patterns and designs. Uniting design with colourful, calming and creative creations, Patternity is one of the sites our designers utilise when struggling for inspiration. A blank page, an empty document, a clear space – why not fill it with patterns and showcase to your clients the joys of experiential design.


Screen Shot 2018 04 09 at 16.18.47 - 7 UX Instagram Accounts that Inspire Our DesignersUX should never be confined to design alone. As the user becomes the very core of the world’s content creation platforms, inspirational account @pentagramdesign is one the most influential feeds our designers follow. Highlighting the uses of user experience driven content in big name brands, political publications, social commentary and unmistakable media graphics, their focus is central to UX creativity.

For our designers, this preview into the publicly accessible UX medias and publications is a huge source of inspiration when designing for technology. As a designer, you never know which of your clients will make it big, which product will hit the headlines, and which site will be the one to take off. So why not make them all UX ready, and celebrate your success in advance.

UXdesignmasteryScreen Shot 2018 04 09 at 16.23.37 - 7 UX Instagram Accounts that Inspire Our Designers

The very heart of UX design is driven by community. By the community of users who will see your final product, the community of testers who present their feedback, the community who will appraise and pass judgement on your designs, and the community of designers who poured their hearts and souls into their content. @UXdesignmastery supports this community by supplying the highest quality advice, tips and solutions for struggling designers in a language they can understand perfectly: visuals. Through uniquely curated imagery, their feed is a hub of suggestions, tips, ideas and inspirational messages to boost any designer on even the slowest morning or quietest evening lull.


Screen Shot 2018 04 09 at 16.27.19 - 7 UX Instagram Accounts that Inspire Our Designers

@UItrends is a site that promises to be nothing but inspirational. Unassigned to any agency, account or company, the sole function of the platform is to inspire and engage other UX designers into creating beautiful content for their clients. Highlighting existing beautiful work and uniting with sophisticated and technological patterns, this is a feed to explore for those niche, hard-to-find web page ideas you just can’t imagine.

From high brow brands to small start ups, every form of UX and UI design is celebrated, with a specific focus on the interface of the design – as every good designer knows that the greeting of the user is one of the most important features of the product.


Screen Shot 2018 04 09 at 16.30.18 - 7 UX Instagram Accounts that Inspire Our DesignersFinally, our designers are obsessed with @designmilk. A company providing luxury, style-heavy pop up experiences for its clients, Design Milk is every single style combined into one beautiful feed of content. From scandi styles to sixties throwbacks, their approach to design is limitless, and they refuse to remain in the digital spheres for their inspiration. Walls, ceilings, floors and fairy lights are all imaginative and creative elements of their designs, and their entire account is filled with colour, light and exciting imagery. For a dip into the world of endless design avenues, and to immerse yourself in the previously untouched routes into engaging design, go and explore Design Milk.   

UX Design is such a huge part of the work we do here at Roller, and from our clients to our colleagues, we want to celebrate the amazing content created by our designers on a daily basis. No project is too huge and no task is too small, and we’re never going to get tired of the inspirational and beautiful designs they just can’t help but imagine. Here’s to the Roller Design Team!