March 31, 2014

Web design – the benefits of keeping it simple

Written By Martin Sandhu


It’s easy to get carried away with a website; as such a huge part of modern brands it’s a vital showcase so it’s perhaps understandable. Trends in the recent past to use flash animations, video introductions and generally utilise the ‘wow factor’ have subsided, with good reason…

Technology moves on 

Mobile adoption has played a large part in changing web design trends: Five years ago the amount of traffic from mobile devices was limited, the majority still came via a desktop so it was that audience which was at the forefront when it came to functionality. Fast-forward to today and the mobile audience has grown significantly, be it those on a smartphone or a tablet, resulting in necessary changes.

Flash plugins won’t actually work on many mobile devices, all singing, all dancing websites can be difficult to navigate on a small screen and large images make sites slower to load, particularly when using a mobile internet connection.


Internet usage in general has increased making users much more savvy and much less patient – can you imagine waiting for a dial-up connection to look at your Facebook feed?

An attractive and simple design can guide a user toward conversion and stop them from getting frustrated and leaving. Making the customer journey as pain-free as possible while still presenting your brand in the desired way is the sweet spot, which will see a win for both the customer and the business.

Flat design

The current trend for flat design is the perfect example of great but simple design. Apple’s iOS7 was a key milestone in the development of the trend and has served them well, leading many other companies to follow suit – the big three search engines have all made the switch too. The simple, clean design appeals to a wide audience and is easily utilised in a responsive model to ensure mobile users are catered for too.

Just like fashion, web design trends come and go, however the current trend for simplicity is one largely driven by function making it a sensible choice for all.