What Can Augmented Reality Do For You?
November 6, 2015

What Can Augmented Reality Do For You?

Written By Rebecca Larkin

We love augmented reality, we love its versatile functionality, its endless uses and we love making apps with augmented reality features.

If you don’t know exactly what we mean when we say augmented reality then pop over to our previous blog post (The Best Uses of Augmented Reality) where we’ll give you the inside scoop on it’s definition and best uses.

If you already have the low down on AR, then allow us to explain to you exactly what it can do for different industries with an AR app.

Architecture & Interior Design

Architecture ARFor architects AR could be a valuable tool to help with initial designs, blueprints and building models. Not only could blueprints or designs come to life on the screen, but it would enable interactive floor-maps to be shown to clients, and even virtual visits to potential home buyers.

And for interior design, users of an AR would benefit from the abilities like to placing furniture in their home before purchase, and even checking if a new lick of paint would suit their walls.

Display & Packaging

Lucozade ARDisplay and packaging AR can have 2 purposes, to engage consumers and to aid business owners and employees.

For business owners and employee’s AR could offer the chance to make window and shelf displays, ensuring they fit and look exactly how they need too, before physically making the display.

And for consumers, AR can give packaging an extra dimension of interactivity and brand engagement. Whether its a simple overlay image or something more complicated, AR can make packaging extraordinary.


Education ARFor education AR can be the bridge between learning and fun. An AR education app could be as simple as bringing learning resources to life, or 3D projects for homework.

Whether its an interactive map for Geography, a 3D model for Science or another level of story telling for a young class, AR can help improve student engagement and inject a bit more fun into learning.

mHealth & Medical

medical arThere is a huge buzz around mHealth and it comes as no surprise that augmented reality is something that healthcare is looking to use. A medical AR app can be for almost anyone, patients, doctors and even medical students.

AR can be used to show 3D models of patients issues, show patients an interactive guide to their symptoms and conditions, and offer valuable learning tools at Universities.

Advertising & Branding

Advertising ARAR can be a powerful tool for advertising, giving brands another level of interaction with their target audiences and consumers.

AR has been used within adverts for quite a while now, and it’s not surprising why, as this extra level really can make a difference and create a memorable interactive advertisement.

Art & Enteratinment

ART ARMuch like advertising, AR has been used within the art and entertainment industries for years, and its easy to see why. The point of AR is to bring things to life, and what better to bring to life than a painting or film?

Of course it isn’t just classic entertainment that can benefit from using AR, and many attractions such as zoos, museums and shopping centres are using AR to entice new customers.

Augmented Reality can be beneficial for so many different industries in a variety of ways, and these are just a few.

AR can be an invaluable aspect of a mobile app, and if you want to get your hands on some AR drop us an email, or check out our Augmented Reality services.