What Can Bluetooth Do For You?
November 11, 2015

What Can Bluetooth Do For You?

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Bluetooth – its more than just headsets.

Yes, it can be used for headsets, and that’s probably its best and most popular use (and lets not forget the good old days of using it to send images and mp3’s between phones), but Bluetooth is much more. Whether it’s for connectivity, device integration or communication, there’s a lot Bluetooth can do for you.

But first, what exactly is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth was created as a wireless alternative to data cables, using radio transmissions instead. It was created to enable connectivity and collaboration between different, and otherwise non-related products.

It’s now built into pretty much any and every device and even connects the Internet of Things (IoT).

What devices can it be used with?

Currently Bluetooth is in almost everything, regardless of product type and industry. The most used and most popular Bluetooth enabled devices are:
Mobile Phones
Headsets and Headphones
Games Consoles and Controllers
Computers and Laptops

With more Bluetooth developments happening, like BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart as its sometimes called), the field was opened up to even more possibilities and Bluetooth Enabled Devices.

Being a low energy version meant that it would be easily used in healthcare, fitness, beacons, security and home entertainment with little to no strain on devices. With this increase in functionality, came an increase in devices and here’s a few of the best BLE enabled devices around at the minute:

Shoes and Socks – For the avid marathon runner, or the fitness tracker who really wants to know their performance, there’s Bluetooth enabled shoes from Nike.

Sports Equiptment, Basketballs and Footballs – Fitness trackers and Bluetooth technology go hand in hand, and sports equipment are joining in too. Placing a tracker within the ball allows users to precisely measure their performance and you won’t even notice it.

Teeth – No, we’re not joking. A mouthguard with integrated Bluetooth technology is out and about and making sure you don’t grind your teeth in your sleep or become dehydrated.

Prosthetics – A massive development in the mHealth industry, the use of Bluetooth with prosthetics meant this bionic-exoskeleton could be created and controlled.

Hats – Because sometimes you want to listen to music or make a phone call using your hat…maybe.

Getting started with Bluetooth

Getting started with Bluetooth is as easy as contacting us! Whether you’re after Bluetooth Device Integration, or Beacons simply get in touch and we’ll explain everything you need to know and help you get connected.