What can VR do for you, a flat designed image of a VR headset
January 29, 2016

What Can VR Do For You?

Written By Rebecca Larkin

I suppose the real question here is, what can’t it do for you?

VR is one of those truly innovative creations that span across every industry, with uses for each.

With so many possibilities stemming from it, we thought we’d show you a few to round-up what it can really do.

While we have previously charted the rise of VR, and its increasing popularity in 2016 it’s about we looked at what it means for different industries.


VR is going to be a real game changer, literally.

Creating a truly immersive gaming environment has been the goal for many game developers over the years, and finally VR is giving them the chance to do this.

Already there’s a plethora of games out there waiting to be played in VR. Most notably of which is EVE: Valkyrie which is ready to be shipped out with every Oculus pre-ordered device.

Another big player in VR gaming will come as no surprise. Playstation are entering VR with a bang, with over 100 games already in the works, they’ll be sure to dominate VR gaming.

But VR also has a place for small games, and with VR’s wide audience and features, they’ll soon be a game for everything.


Another industry that will be at the forefront of using VR is film.

With film, VR will offer a new depth, and a completely new experience overall.

Much like with the game industry, the big players are all ready to release their VR films, with Oculus releasing Henry for free when their device is shipped.

Another use for VR in the film industry is as a supporting tool for films, much like The Martian VR Experience, where users are taken through the film as if it were their own adventure.

This use of VR in film is sure to offer a whole new realm to films, and we expect it to be very popular.

mHealth and Education

For mHealth and education VR offers a wide range of new learning opportunities.

VR offers brand new learning environments whether you use it for a learning simulation/game, or for its interactive video capabilities.

At the minute, there’s not much out there, but we expect this untapped industry to be booming when headsets are more commonplace. Until then, there’s always Google Cardboards Education tools to tide you over.

Art and Design

For art and design VR offers a new dimension to create works in.

In particular Tilt Brush is the shining example of what VR can do for artists, and we can’t get enough of this Disney artists VR work.

As you can see, it’s the creative industries that will be the first to benefit from VR, and with more apps coming from each industry they’ll be lots for users to look forward to.

We’re gearing up to offer VR app development as a service in the near future so if you have a project you’re eager to talk to us about, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.