May 16, 2012

What does the Google Penguin Update mean for your rankings?

Written By Martin Sandhu

Search engine giants Google recently announced a new update to their search engine algorithm, which now will penalise websites that use “spamming tactics”.

A number of high profile SEO experts have welcomed the move by Google as it targets the number of “Cowboy” SEO experts who use a number of unethical SEO tactics that don’t comply with Google’s best practices guidelines.

The update which is knows as Google Penguin unfortunately has also had a negative impact on a number of high profile websites which has created a little bit of controversy.

High profile websites such as, and more have had a negative impact on their Google listings.

Businesses should be aware how the new update affects their rankings.

As with every Google update, you may experience a slight shift in rankings, however you can often retrieve your spot with adjustments to your SEO strategy.  So it’s important to look at what the new update means for you SEO strategy.

Should I use anchor text link building services?

If you are someone who uses spammy words within your copy and links these then your in for a rude awaking as this will have a negative impact on your natualr rankings with the new Google Penguin update.

Can backlinks hurt my site now?

The answer to this is yes unless you have legitmate backlinks. If you use services that spam backlinks through paid text links using exact match anchor text, comment spam, guest posting on bad sites then your site is in danger of being flagged by Google.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is very bad for SEO and Google has been letting users know about this for a number of years. Google Penguins update highlights this more now. Google does allow users who think their copy has been scraped to use the DMCA report.

The most important thing is not to panic and to continue using approved SEO activities recommended by Google. Don’t try and cheat the system else you’ll get found out with the new update.