What Happened to Facebook Apps?
October 7, 2015

What Happened to Facebook Apps?

Written By Rebecca Larkin

Facebook Apps, at one time you’d see them everywhere.

Now all we seem to see of them are the notifications from a distant relative, or long lost school friend, asking for lives on a game, (we’re still annoyed at you Candy Crush).

With Facebook apps looking like a dying breed we decided to have a closer look at what happened to them, what you can do with them, and also if there’s still a gap in the market for them.

What Are Facebook Apps?

Contrary to popular belief Facebook apps are more than just games, and they can actually be very beneficial for both branding and marketing.

With a Facebook app you’d be able to personalise your page, integrate your online shop, create an online voucher, a quiz or poll or anything. There’s so many opportunities to reinforce your brand or advertise a new marketing initiative on Facebook, which people aren’t using.

When looking at the big brand Facebook pages you’ll be able to see the variety of features that Facebook apps can have. From something as simple as BBC One’s use of the Instagram integration to Budweiser’s customer ‘Bud Locator’ app, there’s a lot of options for custom or pre-built app use.

So, What Kind of App Could I Get?

Your Facebook App can be as creative as you want it to be, but here’s 5 of our favourite examples of Facebook app types.

Custom Tabs
This the most common Facebook app used by businesses, and it’s also the most customisable and flexible. With a custom tab you’d be able to show customers anything you want, whether its a new competition, new product, or an extension of your e-commerce site.

This kind of app would be beneficial for e-commerce, branding, marketing and everything in-between, a truly flexible platform.

Email or Contact Capture Forms
If you’re looking to nurture leads, grow your mailing list or get more readers to sign up to your company blog then a contact form app is the best way to go. With an integrated contact form you’ll be able to really connect with your customers in a seamless and easy to manage way.

Quiz and Poll Apps
They’re not very often seen anymore, but if you look hard enough you may find a few quizzes lurking in the tabs of business pages, and these too can be really helpful if it’s information you’re after.

Quizzes could also be used for competitions, data capture, and gain insight on your customers.

Blogs and/or RSS Feed Links
These days blogging is a big part of brand identity, and if it’s readers you’re after then integrating your blog with your Facebook page could be invaluable, especially if your Facebook page is popular. RSS Feeds are also readily available as custom tabs on Facebook, eliminating a lot of the leg work for you to get it up and running.

Social Media Channel Integration
We’re all on more than one social media channel, and each has its own activities, posts and offer a different way to view and interact with a brand or company. What could be better than having them all easily viewing in one place?

Integrating social media channels could be a great way to reinforce your branding and this is another Facebook app that is readily available to start whenever you’re ready.

Facebook apps can offer you a whole host of great features and really enhance your business page. With them looking really rare on Facebook pages as of late, this could be a real gap in the market and viable way to reinforce your brand and meet your social media goals before the end of the year. If you’d like to get started with a customer Facebook app get in touch with us today, we’d love to build you one.