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September 2, 2015

What to expect from Apple’s September Event

Written By Rebecca Larkin

With Apple’s September 9th special event only days away, there’s a definite buzz while we all wait with bated breath for their big reveal. The rumour mill is spinning at double speed as everyone guesses as to what goodies Apple will give us next. We’ve rounded up some of the rumours to show you a sneaky peek at what we all hope to expect from Apple.

What we’d love to see next from Apple

Apple have been dropping hints about what’s coming next for what seems like forever, and after a few sporadic leaks we’re finally close to finding out exactly what Apple have in store for us. If you really can’t wait you could try getting some answers out of Siri before the event, but be warned; in true Siri style you’ll get nothing but cryptic, sarcastic answers.

Apple's Event Invitation
So, without further ado, here’s what to expect from Apple on September 9th.

iPhone 6S

First off, the one we’re all waiting for – the iPhone 6S, and the probable iPhone 6S Plus. So what is actually going to be like?

Under the hood the iPhone is getting some fantastic upgrades. While it’s likely to have to same basic hardware, the 6S is said to have an A9 processor, a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera and Force Touch.

Even without knowing the full extent of the spec update, it looks like the 6S will go above and beyond the usual updates that sees an ‘S’ joining the iPhone name. Rumour has it, it might even be available in Rose Gold.

Of course, there’s still a plethora of unanswered iPhone 6S questions, how large will the screen be? Will it be waterproof? How will it challenge its competitors? We really can’t wait to find out the answers.

Apple TV

The second product that we’re all expecting to see is the next generation of Apple TV.

It has been talked about extensively, and for good reason. Apple TV looks to incorporate everything a TV watcher would need, and it’s even breaking out into the gaming industry. With a dedicated App Store and a spec upgrade that see’s it running iOS 9, the next Apple TV box looks like a force to be reckoned with. But it doesn’t stop there, as it’s expected to have one more feature we all know and love… Siri.

That’s right, this new breed of TV will come with your personal assistant Siri, which means remote controls may be on their way to extinction as Siri will of course use voice control.

But don’t worry too much, as remote controls won’t be completely obsolete yet, as TechCrunch has reported that Apple is developing a wireless motion controller. We can only hope this will coincide with the new Apple TV, but either way, Apple TV looks like it’s definitely going to be a worth a purchase.


Will September 9th 2015 mark a new breed of iPad?

We highly doubt it seeing as most of Apple’s iPads have historically been revealed in October, but we’re pretty hopeful that a new iPad will be announced soon.

Rumour has it this new breed of iPad will feature a 12.9” retina display, and be more geared up for the enterprise sector. The impressive screen isn’t the only new feature either, as it’s expected to have an improved camera, and Force Touch in a bid to entice consumers back into iPad brand, which has been lacking zeal as of late.

While it’d be great to see a new iPad be revealed, we’re pretty doubtful it will be in September. We do however expect it to drop in October, with a possible update to the Apple Watch, only time will tell.

September looks set to be an exciting month, and we’re very excited to see what Apple will reveal next week. If you’re looking to build a new app in time for iOS9 and Apple’s New products get in touch, and in the meantime, why not check out our Apple and Apple Watch services?